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From the ever-expanding universe of the Warhammer franchise, comes Warhammer: Odyssey, a free-to-play mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) set in Warhammer’s medieval world. A game where you may choose to either play as a lone wolf and tackle everything the world has to throw at you, or band together with friends and undertake conquests with them. Although, keeping in mind that not every adventurer who comes across the game is a veteran and some have only just begun grasping the wonders of RPGs, we have put together this handy list of important tips in this beginners guide to help on your Warhammer: Odyssey journey. Albeit a mobile game, it is quite reminiscent of the traditional RPGs on PC. Warhammer: Odyssey tries to embody all the key defining features of an RPG by adding features such as character customization, classes, quests, skill trees, inventory, trading, and so on, which we will look moving forward.

Character Creation


We begin this Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide with the Races in the game. Warhammer: Odyssey lets you choose a character out of three races, namely; Human, Dwarf, and High Elf, but which race you end up as depends solely on the character class you decide to play as. None of the races get exclusive bonuses or perks in the game as of now.

Character Classes

Classes give you a rough idea of what your character will become once created. While selecting a class, Warhammer: Odyssey lets you customize your characters such as choosing their gender and physical appearance. The classes you can choose are Archmage, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, Slayer, and Witch Hunter. Each class lets you choose one out of two specializations later on in the game.

Archmage (High Elf)

As the name says, Archmage is the spell using class of the game, and they can either be used as high damage dealers or the healer supports of the party. Make sure to never deplete your mana gauge while fighting enemies. Specializations
  • Master of Heavens: Specializes in damaging single and multiple targets at once.
  • Master of Life: Specializes in healing and buffing allies while lowering the capabilities of enemies.

Warrior Priest (Human)

Warrior Priests are the tanks of Warhammer: Odyssey, which means they are best at defending against attacks from enemies without getting defeated. A very common choice for people looking to play solo and a they nearly never go down when paired with a support healer. Specializations
  • Order of the Silver Hammer: Specializes in tanking, engaging enemies, and applying defensive buffs.
  • Order of the Cleansing Flame: Specializes in healing allies and dealing damage to enemies.

Engineer (Dwarf)

Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide
Engineers are a rather unique class when compared to the rest, as they can act as both ranged damage dealers and summoners at the same time. You could call them a sort of hybrid between damage and support. Engineers get the freedom to engage separate targets while their summoned turrets deal with a different enemy. Specializations
  • Powder Smith: Specializes in single and multiple target damage and in summoning offensive turrets.
  • Machine Smith: Specializes in summoning defensive turrets that can defend from and engage enemies while protecting allies.

Shadow Warrior (High Elf)

Shadow Warriors can be built in one of two ways; long ranged archer or up close and personal melee warrior. Regardless of which you prefer, this class exists purely to deal devastating damage. They’re much better off fighting single opponents than several at once. Specializations
  • Path of the Veiled Arrow: Specializes in dealing damage to targets from a distance, and avoiding close combat.
  • Path of the Silent Blade: Specializes massive single target damage and takes foes by surprise. They won’t see you coming, literally.

Slayer (Dwarf)

A hardcore warrior class, slayers are as good at dealing damage as they are at defending against it. A class that’s really good at surviving in prolonged battles whether it be single or multiple enemies. Specializations
  • Dragon Slayer: Specializes in single target combat while brandishing dual-wielding axes.
  • Troll Slayer: Specializes in tanking and applying damage resistance while dealing damage to the enemy.

Witch Hunter (Human)

Wielding a sword and pistol in each hand, Witch Hunters are adept at close combat while also being proficient with ranged attacks. Their gameplay involves steadily weakening enemies over time before finishing them off. Specializations
  • Sigmarite Templar: Specializes in single combat while relying on enormous critical hits.
  • Sanctioned Hunter: Specializes in dealing damage at mid-range while steadily applying damage over time to enemies.



You play the game in third person view and get to see your surroundings while in a fight or moving around. Since the game is open world, you can access any previously visited area at any point in the game, unless some specific mission restricts you from doing so.
Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide
The mini-map is always visible while playing and can be accessed to see the entirety of the land you’ve traveled and allowed you to fast travel to certain places as well.


Things to keep in mind during combat are your Health, Energy, and Skill Cooldown timers. Depletion of health results in death, be it you or the enemy. Mana is required to use skills and abilities, running out of which will prevent you from doing so and you’ll only be able to use your basic attacks. Different abilities have different cooldowns, which means you won’t be able to use them again until their cooldown finishes, even if you have sufficient mana to do so.
Defeating an enemy grants you potential items that you could use/sell/trade and gives you some EXP (experience points) that helps you level your character. Getting defeated by the enemy causes you to respawn at a nearby location, and your gear takes some damage that you can repair for a small fee. The number of skull icons next to an enemy’s name denotes their difficulty level. Rule of thumb: feel free to attack if they have two skulls or less. Carry potions if they have three skulls. Make sure you’re not alone if they have four skulls or more. Combat in Warhammer: Odyssey exists in two forms; PvE, known as player vs environment (or monster), and PvP, known as player vs player.


Another aspect to not note in this Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide, is the use of Quests, which act as the main driving factor for the game, where every new quest gives the player an idea about which direction to head and which tasks they need to complete to progress further. Quests are obtained from NPCs or Non-Player Characters, or simply, AI. The story of the game is unfolded through the quests as we learn something new about the plot as we finish each one of them. There are two kinds of quests, namely Main Story Quests (denoted by yellow icons) and Side Quests (denoted by blue icons). Main Story Quests, as the name says help you progress further in the game’s story and helps unlock new areas in the world, and Side Quests help you gain additional EXP and bonuses. Every quest you undertake will reward you in some way or the other, be it EXP, currency, or items that will help you in your journeys ahead.


Player inventory is one of the most important aspects of an RPG as it not only helps you store and keep things you need, but also allows you to wear and use all the items and gear you come across in the game.
Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide
Your inventory helps you keep track of all the things you’re carrying and also displays how much money you have in the game. It also gives you a rotatable view of your character. Player gear in Warhammer: Odyssey exists in three categories: Equipment, Jewellery, and Fashion. The equipment consists of weapons and armor where the weapons help increase your damage and armor helps increase your defenses, in most cases. Any equipment being used by the player is subject to damage either through wear and tear or because of death. The more damaged the equipment gets, the more expensive it becomes to repair it. Make sure to not let them get completely damaged or you may not be able to use them! Jewellery helps provide both offensive and defensive bonuses and they exist in the from of rings, necklaces, etc. Fashion-related items help provide your character with a different look and even though they add absolutely no bonuses to your character’s stats, they’ll definitely make you appear very cool as you take down the next enemy or simply strut about through the game. You can also store consumable items in your inventory that help you replenish health and mana or provide temporary bonuses such as extra movement speed, etc. Consumable items are single-use and they disappear once used.


The actions window displays your Skill Tree – the place where you unlock and upgrade spells and skills as you level up your character. The player gains one Action Point or AP after gaining a new level, which is then used to upgrade unlocked spells further.
The skill tree allows you to get an idea of what kind of abilities your character will unlock down the line and helps you make an informed decision as to which you should select and upgrade. Upon selecting a skill, a window pops up to the right that gives you all the details of that ability. One of the two Class Specializations is also selected through the Actions window and Warhammer: Odyssey allows you to see the benefits of each Specialization in advance.


Player stats or statistics are a collection of several different numbers that help define the prowess of a character. Just like player Inventory, Stats are another key feature of an RPG that determines a character’s strengths and limitations. The Stats window displays the player’s name, their current level and level progression, the six different stat categories, a general overview of the culminated effects of your stats and inventory items on your character, and the player’s resistances to different kinds of damage. The stats categories are:
  • Weapon Skill: Increases Physical Damage Dealt
  • Accuracy: Increases the chances of not missing an attack
  • Initiative: Increases the chances of evading an attack
  • Wounds: Increases max Health and the effectiveness of certain skills
  • Focus: Slightly increases Physical Damage and the effectiveness of certain skills
  • Leadership: Increases max Energy

Basic game strategy involving stats

If you’re playing melee damage or tank character, spend most points in Weapon Skill, Wounds, and Focus. If you’re a magic or skill dependant character, spend most points on Accuracy, Initiative and Leadership.

General Stat Overview

Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide
  • Health: Denotes the damage you can take before dying. Regenerates over time.
  • Energy: Denotes how many spells you can use before waiting for it to regenerate.
  • Armor: Denotes how much physical damage you can absorb.
  • Power: Denotes how much bonus damage your attacks and abilities will deal.


Resistances, unlike armor, are needed to deal with the other kinds of damage that your character could be susceptible to. They’re extremely useful to have as they defend you from damage that ignores armor completely.
  • Poison resistance helps defend from poison, which doesn’t deal damage directly, but steadily reduces your health over time as long as it lasts, sometimes even after you’ve won the battle.
  • Fire resistance help defends from fire damage and burns damage. Fire damage deals direct damage, and burn damage deals damage over time, similar to poison.
  • Magic resistance defends you from all kinds of elemental spells.
  • Piercing resistance helps defend against physical damage that ignores armor.

Warhammer Odyssey Beginners Guide: Other important aspects

Buying and selling items

More note to remember from this Warhammer: Odyssey Beginners guide are that the Items can be obtained from Enemies, Quest, Merchants, and the Auction House. Merchants are NPCs too so make sure to sell unnecessary items to them to keep gaining money and keeping your inventory from filling up. If you find a valuable item that you can’t use, sell it off at the Auction House for far more money than a merchant will give you.

Experience gain

It’s always best to fight enemies that are one or two levels above you, as they won’t be too hard to kill and will provide you with more EXP than lower-level enemies. Fighting in groups will help kill enemies faster, but will also divide experience amongst all the members. If you’re fighting enemies with people who aren’t in your group, only the person who initiates the combat will gain EXP, even if a non-party member helps out equally as much or even more.

Assign Consumable Items

Make sure to assign consumables to the slots where you use spells from. The slots exist in three sets that can be quickly cycled between and helps eliminate the hassle of opening the inventory every single time.

Auction House

The auction house will usually provide you with far better items than those you come across from quests or monsters usually. They will also cost a lot more since players themselves decide how much the items should sell for. You should always scour through the auction window thoroughly before buying an item or selling something to make sure you’re either not being ripped off or over/underselling your own items.

Fast Travel

Always opt for fast travel when possible, because running on foot can take too long and Warhammer: Odyssey does not have a mounting system yet. The money you spend on fast travel can be easily earned back so it’s not an issue at all.

Health and Energy Regeneration

Potions can only be obtained through quests and enemy drops, so make sure to only use them during combat, when needed. Always buy food from merchants and use those to replenish Health and Energy when you’re outside combat.

Use the Bank

If you come across items that you wish to keep but your inventory space doesn’t allow, store them in the bank. You can access them at any time in the game by fast travelling to it.
Thanks for reading this Beginners Guide, and we hope these tips will help you in your Warhammer: Odyssey journey. Do let us know your opinions in the comments below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagramand Twitter for quick updates.
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