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1 Getting the gate open

Approaching Arne Beacon is a simple enough task, but finding a way to get the gate open isn’t. You’ll meet GEN outside of the gate, but he won’t be of much help. The lever to open the gate is found behind the large arch structure you passed by, up on a platform. You won’t actually find a way to get up to the platform, and instead you’ll need to throw an item at the lever, either a spear or a barrel, in order to get the gate open.

2 The first room

Nothing too much to note in the first few rooms of Arne Beacon, but it’s good to know what to expect of dungeons from this point forward. Head downstairs and defeat any monsters you find. Find the ladder to climb up to the higher level, where you will open up a gate blocking the path forward down below.

3 Be careful now

After you go through the gate, the path you were taking will crumble. Luckily you can climb up the vines lining the wall to continue. Fire is the key for this next room. You can pick up a barrel and walk into the flaming fire pit in order to set if alight, and then you can throw that barrel at the wooden gate blocking the exit. You can also take some fire for the other wooden gate upstairs, which is blocking a treasure chest.

4 Master Mayfair

The red crystal in the passageway is a Bloodstone, and you can smash it with your sword to earn Bloodstones. In the next room you’ll find Master Mayfair, and you can finally begin your adventure properly.

5 Caster gun

Once Master Mayfair is done with his exposition, he’ll give you a new gun which can cast spells at range. This Caster Gun will also be important in puzzles. In the next room you can jump off the staircase onto the nearby box to get an item, and another item hidden behind it. Behind the staircase there’s some pots and a switch. Place an item on the switch or have a character stand on it, and you’ll find a secret underneath the alcove, below where the exit to the room is. Once you climb the staircase pick up the item, stand near where the barrier has a gap, and shoot the lamp on top of the raised platform with your caster gun to open the path forward.

6 Back home again

You’ll find the exit in the next room, and you’ll emerge out of a dark tunnel and onto a beautiful beach. Take the ladder to the left, and you’ll find you’ll have looped all the way back to your home again. From this point on, the real game begins. If you want more walkthrough content like this, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!



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