O2 Select & Stream: Netflix, Sky Ticket or O2 TV for free

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Whether Netflix, Sky Ticket or O2 TV: O2 customers can now use one of the three services free of charge.

O2 intensifies customer loyalty: Since February 23, 2021, “O2 Select & Stream” has been a new offer whose name says it all. As an O2 customer with a mobile phone (O2 Free) or DSL contract (O2 my Home) you can choose your favorite from one of three streaming services and use it free of charge for one year.

O2 Select & Stream: It’s inside

In addition to the previous partners Sky Ticket and Exaring AG (O2 TV powered by waipu.tv), users can choose from Netflix for the first time and thus access to numerous films, series and popular in-house productions. As an O2 customer, the content can be started, paused and continued on almost any internet-enabled device – without commercial breaks. Those who opt for Sky Ticket also get access to popular series and so-called Sky Originals. O2 TV describes itself as a modern television experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Over 100 channels are free to receive, more than 90 of them in HD. Films and series can be streamed with O2 TV on up to four devices at the same time. In a separate article, COMPUTER BILD compares various streaming providers and gives them a test grade.

O2-my-Home tariffs for new customers

my Home S: 14.99 euros * | Download: 10 Mbps | Upload: 2.4 Mbps ** | Telephone flatrate my Home M: 19.99 euros * | Download: 50 Mbps | Upload: 10 Mbps ** | Telephone flatrate my Home L: 24.99 euros * | Download: 100 Mbps | Upload: 40 Mbps ** | Telephone flatrate my Home XL: 34.99 euros * | Download: 250 Mbps | Upload: 40 Mbps ** | Telephone flatrate * From the 13th month the amount increases by 10 euros. ** Applies to connections via DSL / fiber optics / LTE, slightly less cable.

O2 Free M and Free M Boost

Free M: 29.99 euros basic fee | 20 GB (4G with 225 Mbit / s) | Allnet flat Free M Boost: 34.99 euros basic fee | 40 GB (4G with 225 Mbit / s) | Allnet flat

O2 Select & Stream: Not just for new customers

By the way: O2 Select & Stream is not only available to new customers, but customers with an ongoing contract also benefit when they renew. There is one hurdle, however: Only users whose contract costs from 34.99 euros per month can participate. In other words: O2 Select & Stream can only be used from the O2 Free M Boost (mobile phone) or O2 my Home L (DSL).



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