Ninja Arashi 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

The legacy of Ninja Arashi returns with a second installment on its franchise. Black Panther Studios has recently released the 2nd edition of this ActionAdventure/Platformer game for Android and iOS. Needless to say, the gameplay and graphics are similar to that of the first version. Since it is the 2nd installment of a story-based offline RPG, so it is essential to know the tale which brought us to the 2nd part. Gear-up and get on the edge of your seats for playing this thrilling platformer game, set your reflexes and eyes, which won’t let you blink even for a moment. In this article, we will guide you through this challenging journey of Ninja Arashi 2, as the raging Arashi makes his way to find his son.

Prelude to Ninja Arashi 2

The first imprint of the game revolved around the life of the retired Ninja Arashi and his arch-nemesis Oroshi. The enmity surged up further when Oroshi broke out from the captivity of Arashi’s prison, and on his way, killed Arashi’s wife and kidnapped his son. However, though he managed to defeat Oroshi, he couldn’t rescue his son, as he was again frozen for years by a new villain Dosu.
Prelude to Ninja Arashi 2
15 years hence, Arashi gets freed from the frozen state by a man named Raven and Arashi’s new venture to find his son and Dosu begins. This is where the game starts.

Gearing up to the quest to find Dosu

Raven releases Arashi and also guides you initially for the first few steps. As said earlier, this story-based RPG is a 3rd person platformer game. The exquisite graphics, especially the landscapes, the black silhouette figures give it an extra edge of attraction. The game will start with the story of the previous installment and 15 years after that when Raven rescues and tells Arashi that his son and also the whole world need him to battle against Dosu.
Raven rescues Arashi and sets him up for the quest to find his son and Dosu
The start would see Arashi walking like a zombie, but worry not, Raven would use an “artifact” (a very important and vital concept of this game which we’ll discuss later) to re-energise Arashi so that he runs like a ninja again. Then Arashi and Raven part their ways, and level 1 begins where the game guides you to jump and double-jump, throw “shurikens“, use ‘dash attacks‘, melee attacks, disguises, and so on. So prepare yourself to acknowledge the greatness of the legend Ninja Arashi on his quest for Dosu.

Vital things to remember in Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi 2 Guide
Ninja Arashi 2: Main menu
  • The menu has several options like Story Mode, Skills, Shop, Artifact, Challenge (this mode isn’t available yet).
  • The offline story-mode now has 3 chapters (a 4th one coming soon), each having 20 levels and a boss fight at the end of those levels.
  • You have 3 lives initially, you die, you get revived and start from the lat save-point pillar you’ve crossed (it’s a pillar-like structure that illuminates once you cross it while running forward which implies that your progress so far has been saved). In the later stages, the number of lives gets reduced to 2.
  • Throw shurikens at your enemies, they are unlimited, don’t hesitate to throw as many as you want. When close to your enemies, the ranged shurikens automatically transform into a melee sword-strike (this feature was unavailable in the 1st version).
  • If you have completed the first Ninja Arashi, then this edition might be easier for you to play, though there’s an increment in the number of unique villains (suicide bombers, samurais, skeletons, dual-blade wielders, arrow-bombers, giants, mini-boss, etc).
  • Just remember, avoid anything red coloured at any cost. The spikes, traps, beware of the shotgun samurais, especially the hidden ones behind doors, the suicide bombers.


This is an addition to this instalment. The artifacts are hidden attribute boosters in the game. They can either be purchased in the game, or obtained from tricky locations in the game. Note that, the locations vary from player to player. Here are the artifacts you may obtain in the game, and their uses:-
Ninja Arashi 2 Guide
Ninja Arashi 2 Guide: Artifacts
  1. Sword of Tatsuma- The thrown Shuriken has a chance to become a sword that penetrates the first target it hits.
  2. Onimori- It increases the maximum life by 1
  3. Dotaku- (Japanese ritual bells) reveals artifact locations.
  4. Golden Shuriken- Increases critical hit by 10%
  5. Sacred Tsuka- Reduces the dash cooldown by 20%
  6. Meiyo- Gains a temporary barrier after using disguise, which is very useful for the later stages of the game.
  7. Coin of Luck- Reduces the disguise cooldown by 20%.
  8. Akumu- An item to change Arashi’s silhouette look.


Skills have a bit similar purpose to that of the artifacts, they increase the statistics of Arashi’s different abilities. Use your in-game coins to upgrade them one-by-one. You don’t have to pay real money to unlock kills. Offence, Mobility, Disguise, Endurance and Utility of Arashi can be upgraded gradually. The benefits of every upgrade are mentioned at the bottom of every skill upgrade.

Winning the boss-fights

In the game, you’ll face 3 bosses after every 20 stages played in the 3 chapters. In this Ninja Arashi 2 guide, we will walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of each boss and guide you with tips and tricks to succeed in Ninja Arashi 2.


The sword-master Kanashi will be the 1st boss you’ll face after the 20th chapter in Act I.
  • Durability- 4/5
  • Agility- 3.5/5
  • Range-4.5/5
  • Resistance against melee attacks- 5/5
Ninja Arashi 2 Guide
Ninja Arashi 2 boss fights: Kanashi (on top) throw shurikens continuously from a distance. In case you have a shielded disguise, use it when he throws swords(bottom).

Tips to beat Kanashi

  • Kanashi throws multiple swords towards you. Make sure you dodge them and avoid getting much close to a sword-master.
  • Stay away and keep throwing shurikens. Make sure you have the fully upgraded ones. Keep him out of your screen but keep throwing shurikens.
  • Whenever he slowly approaches you and gets inside the screen, dodge over his head, and quickly move over to the other side of Kanashi. While jumping, use ‘dash’ amidst air, to gain distance while landing. Repeat this process.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll have a minimum of 6 rebirths with you. Use your shielded disguise, to nullify his sword throws.


The bow-master Yasha is agile both on feet and with his arrows.
  • Durability- 3/5
  • Agility- 4.5/5
  • Range-5/5
  • Resistance against melee attacks- 2/5
Ninja Arashi 2 Guide
Ninja Arashi 2 boss-fights: Stay close to Yasha and use melee attacks. If far away, carefully dodge the arrows.

Tips to beat Yasha

  • Though his attacks are fast and agile, the arrows are not that fast, they can be easily dodged. Hence, it is better to stay away from him and keep throwing the shurikens.
  • He throws arrows horizontally as well as vertically. The vertical arrows are followed by arrow showers, which you can dodge easily if aware.
  • Occasionally you can also use your melee sword-attacks on him, but be careful of the acid-bombs he uses. Acid bombs can be dodged while disguising yourself. Sometimes he also uses his bow as a shield.
  • If you have a Meiyo artifact obtained already, it would shield your disguise and help a lot in beating Yasha from close range as he is vulnerable to melee attacks.


Kido the Terror, is the final boss as far as the game has been made so far. Appearing after chapter 60 of Act 3, Kido uses a flamethrower attack towards Arashi.
  • Durability- 3/5 (excluding the spiked shield)
  • Agility- 3/5
  • Range-3/5
  • Resistance against melee attacks- 4/5
Ninja Arashi 2 Guide
Ninja Arashi 2 boss-fights: Kido (on top) runs away from Kido when he approaches with a spiked shield, don’t throw shuriken then. (Bottom) Throw shurikens only when Kido does the flamethrower attack.

Tips to beat Kido

  • Though he is the ultimate boss apparently, in my opinion, he’s the easiest one to beat. The only problem is when he comes towards you with a spiked shield. You can easily dodge it, move to the other side of the screen.
  • He will then do a flamethrower, which has a very low range and really slow. You can easily throw shurikens at him while he does that. He will also throw double fire-balls at you, which you can dodge easily.
  • Kido is not agile, his moves are slow and beating him is quite easy. Especially since in the later stages of the game, you’ll acquire many in-game skills for Arashi, and also off-the-game kills for yourself.
On a personal note, the normal rounds seemed to be much tougher than the boss rounds. Stay tuned, keep following us for further new chapter updates of this game, after all the story didn’t end here, Arashi still didn’t find either Dosu or his son. We’ll be looking closely at how the story of Ninja Arashi 2 evolves from here on.

That’s all for today in our Ninja Arashi 2 Guide. Did you find our Ninja Arashi 2 Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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