Nikon Z8 or Z9: The new professional model will be available in 2021

Nikon Z7 II with professional zoom trio © Nikon

The Nikon Z7 II is currently the top model among the Z series system cameras. But this year there will be a new top professional model with the Z8 (which may also be called the Z9).

E.In February many photographers look to Japan, because that’s when the photo fair takes place there CP + instead – this year mainly virtually. There weren’t too many new products this year, but there was an important announcement for professional photographers: During the trade fair, Nikon confirmed that it was working on a new professional system camera – so far there have only been rumors.

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A clear message from Nikon: In the coming years, new system cameras from the Z series and new lenses with Z bayonets will be introduced. Nikon will continue to build new SLR models (and new SLR lenses), but the focus is now on the new Z-System – an overdue step, because there are even greater developments possible here than with the largely exhausted SLR system.

Top model for the Z series

Several new system cameras will probably come in 2021, but so far only the new top model, which will probably be called the Nikon Z8 or Z9, has been confirmed. Nikon has not yet released specific technical details. Somewhat cloudy, it is said that the new camera should offer unsurpassed performance, i.e. the previous top-of-the-range professional Nikon D6 and competitors like the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and the Sony Alpha 1. Presumably, some key data should coincide with the Sony Alpha 1 – that would be a 45 or 50 megapixel sensor, a series image speed of at least 20 frames per second and a particularly large viewfinder with a very high resolution (5.76 or 9.44 Megapixels).

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11 new lenses by 2022

The range of lenses for the Z bayonet is also to be expanded significantly. There are currently 16 lenses and two teleconverters. In addition, eleven more lenses are to be added by the end of 2022 (see picture below), including telephoto zooms, such as a 100-400mm for nature and bird photographers, and a 200-600mm and powerful super-telescope for sports photographers – most likely a 400mm f2 .8 and a 600mm f4, which should be announced together with the new top professional model. There could also be some inexpensive lenses for cameras with an APS-C sensor such as the Nikon Z50. According to initial rumors, a wide-angle zoom of 10-20mm could come here.

Nikon Z8 or Z9: price and availability

When the Nikon Z8 (or Z9) comes on the market is not yet certain. There will probably be a specific product announcement a few weeks before the planned start of the Olympic Games in July 2021. What the new flagship should cost is also still unclear. As with comparable models (Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Nikon D6, Sony Alpha 1), the price for the camera housing should be around 7,300 euros.



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