Nier Reincarnation Beginners Guide and Tips

NieR Reincarnation is a free-to-play command-action RPG developed and published by Square Enix and Applibot. With the release in July 2021, this game is now available for download via Google Play and the App Store. NieR Reincarnation is similar to other mobile gacha games, but players can see some differences between gacha and stamina. In the game, players will find some scary anime along with the haunting character. This NieR Reincarnation beginners guide should sum up all you need to know about this brand new spotlight Square Enix game. The storyline of NieR Reincarnation sets in a mysterious world known as The Cage. A girl wakes up on a cold stone floor where she finds herself in a place filled with buildings that touch the sky. To reclaim what she has lost, she started exploring the mystery with the help of Mama. This game has a lot of gacha mechanics, which requires a good understanding so, before going forward into the game, consider reading this NieR Reincarnation Beginners Guide, it will help players solve every confusion and create a high probability of completing the game faster. 

Getting started with basic concepts

NieR Re[in]carnation game-play
NieR Re[in]carnation game-play
  • Unit range from two-star, three-star, and four-star in every unit of the main story when players play the game. Players will receive the 2-star only after completing the connected chapter. The 4-star is the rarest rarity where players will find a trend among these units. In the support quest, there will be only three-star and four-star units. In the game, players have to complete the task without any skill tree. It is just like grinding for materials to upgrade the levels of units, skills, abilities, and limit break to enable a higher level cap. There will be rank, which will increase via battles. 
  • In the game, Weapons also range from 2-star, 3-star, to 4-star, where weapons has its elements and uniqueness associated with them. These elements can decide whether players and the opponents will have benefits or drawbacks. Apart from these, every other weapon can pull dupes up to a limit break and grind for the materials. It can upgrade the weapons to get more stats.
  • Otomos are simple, which is available when players complete the chapter in the main quest. They come with an element of typing and skills, which can affect the skills provided in the battles. Players can upgrade the material through grinding, which can enhance the stats of skills and the otomos.
  • Memories are available when players finish the main story chapters, where players can also grind for them in support quests. Levelling up costs gold and will give extra stats to the units when equipped. There will be three sets in the memory, like bonus, stats, and effects, which will associate with the unit.


In NieR Reincarnation, there are three types of Gachas:
  • Premium Gacha is where players spend in-game currency to pull for weapons. In this gacha game, some weapons come with a unit attached.
  • Chapter Gacha is where players spend chapter tickets to pull for different materials in order to upgrade the units. 
  • Event Gacha is where players can pull every day, which will give players five pulls for free after completing chapter eight. 


The quest is the essential part of the game, which is exciting to play and can also give you rewards. The quest is categorized into three areas:
  • The Main Quest is where players deal with the main story. Here, Players can walk around the cage by completing mini-stories. It is a one-way journey, so tap all those black birds before moving into the next section. As the players progress in the game, other areas will automatically start unlocking. 
  • Support Quest is the standard quests that players can grind for materials to upgrade their *units, weapons, otomos, and memories. Players will also find an event quest like a collaboration with Nier Automata. 
  • The arena is where players can play against other players. It will get unlocked only after completing chapter six of the main quest. After winning the arena players, can earn arena medals, which players can use to exchange items in the arena medal exchange shop.


  • Battle system: The battle system is a standard real-time turn-based battle system, with otomo skills that don’t activate in auto mode. 
  • Battle teams: A battle team has three units, so before going for a battle, know about the units that can equip:
The unit can have up to three weapons: The primary weapon comes under the element category. The other two sub-weapons provide additional stats where players can equip any type of weapon. If players select a weapon with a fluent unit, they will get bonus stats.  The unit can have up to one Otomo: Players can equip with any Otomo in their inventory. The unit can have up to three memories: Players can equip the complete set, which grants more bonus stats with effects.

Know the best Characters

NieR Re[in]carnation characters
NieR Re[in]carnation characters
  • The Girl of Light: (A mind sealed; dreams of another world) – She is the girl who awakes on the cold floor of the cage. She is a kind girl with a bright personality and wears a collar and bandages for an unknown reason. She is plagued each night by horrible dreams.
  • Mama: (Thousands of stories; millions of dreams)– She is the girl who knows something about the cage and acts as a guide for the girl. She is a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama. There is another side of her that pleases her to enjoy the scenery or poking around.
  • The Dark Monster: (Hidden words; stray dreams)– He is a strange being that wanders about The Cage. He is a speechless insect and resembles a knight in Armor. Regardless, it seems like he has some different kind of goal. 
  • The wanderer: (Unbendable will; a noble vow)– He is a boy who travels with a mechanical clockwork soldier holding a precious vow that is close to his heart. He travels from one land to the next, blessed with sharp wit and a tender heart. But his journey is filled with danger, and trouble always lurks one step ahead of him. 
  • The prosthetic Hunter: (Cruel hopes; Frozen Time)– She is a hunter who lives in a nation of abundant nature. She has a mechanical arm, a false leg, shock white hair. The story of her startling appearance, penned in a language of deep hatred and boundless anger. 
  • The clockwork soldier: (A mechanical prayer; an oath of loyalty)- He is the one who stays together with the wanderer, an old model of a clockwork soldier discarded in a castle cellar. He sat in hollow silence for a longer time, which suspended the functions, but a chance of meeting with a young boy lights a spark that finally ignites his dormant will.
  • The assassin: (Silent indignation; a flower in bloom)– This fearsome character is the current head of an assassins’ family who has served under the lords of the feudal clan for generations. Endless hours of training with her blade made her a formidable assassin. 

Attribute compatibility

There are five types of attribute compatibility with its advantages and disadvantages:
  • Fire attribute is advantageous over wind attribute but disadvantageous against the water attribute
  • Water attribute is advantageous over fire attribute but disadvantageous against the wind attribute. 
  • Wind attribute is advantageous over water attribute but disadvantageous against the fire attribute.
  • The light attribute is advantageous over the darkness.
  • The darkness attribute is advantageous over the light attribute.

Master the strongest Weapons

In NieR Reincarnation, weapons ranks are divided as follows:
  • S-rank (high-performance weapons)
  • A-rank (Players have to prioritize these weapons to make them strong)
  • B-rank (These are less powerful than the other two, but good for the formation entry)
The benefit of having good weapons is it will help players to do a continuous attack, it will also add status, increase the durability, and will help raise the firepower. The following table mentions the strongest weapons related to their ranks and types:
Weapons Attributes Quality Rank Weapon Type
White deal Light Strongest sword A Large sword
Black Clan Darkness Highest magnification firepower, excellent stats A Large sword
Toe Sword Darkness High magnification over backwater spirit A Large sword
Greatsword of the broken machine Fire High HP, great for arena usage A Large sword
Charcoal Sword Wind Provide the agility buffs, top-class status S Normal Sword
Old Overlord Fire Highest attack stats S Normal Sword
Your style steel sword Darkness Outstanding firepower, attack buffs A Normal Sword
Black flower Fire Enhance fire powers S Normal Sword
Type 40 tactical sword   Light Enhance the damages on continuous attacks A Normal Sword
Three winged sword Wind Highest firepower S Normal Sword
Brass knuckles Wind Great status, raise the attacks A Fighting
One Battle Wheel Light Highest magnification, thermal power A Fighting
Glossy softball Wind Recovery, lower the power of defense A Fighting
Type 3 Tactical Spear Fire More specialized with the performance of firepower A Spear
Black Darkness Potent attack skills B Spear
Modern Military Record Fire Highest attack stats, strongest abilities, specifying the fire powers and the high attack S Gun
Outlaw gun Darkness Top-class attack powered gun B Gun
Arbitrage Pistol Wind Specialized with fire support B Gun
Knowledge wand Wind Has recovery skills, helpful for the stun effect A Wand
Black Thirst Darkness Strengthen the firepower, support performances S Wand
Glittering inland sea Light Strengthen up the allies’ agility S Wand
Strongest weapons

NieR Reincarnation Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Stealing in the prologue

In the beginning, players should collect all the items and weapons. It will help players to move on with the game quickly as they don’t have to wait for the new findings. Once players come back to the earth, they can recover and redeem the items they loved.

2. There is no auto save option

Most of the games have the option of auto-saving, but the players of NieR Reincarnation are not going to explore this feature. In this game, players have to save the game manually as much as possible. However, players will get several places where they can save the game. Well, players should protect all these saving points from getting attacked by the opponents. Players can also use these saving points to upgrade the map. 

3. Focus on Guerrilla quests

The quests of guerrilla act as a side supporter to level up quickly in the game. This quest takes players several times in the game, which is beneficial for the players to complete and reach the next level. The time of opening guerrilla quests are:
  • 8.00 – 8.30
  • 12.00 – 12.30
  • 18.00 – 18.30
  • 22.00 – 22.30

4. Learn the controls can use to boost the game

Learning the proper use of controls mix can help boost the game. It can help open many doors in the game. When they activate the pod mid-air, players can utilize it to support the jumps, which cover a vast area. There is another trick called the uppercut attack that can use to activate if the player jumps. 

5. Get the benefits from bargain

In NieR Reincarnation, if players want to unlock the shop discount, they have to go to the resistance camp. After that, go to the space station to begin the side quests (11B’s Memento’s). Once players complete the quest, they will receive a small sword with a discount of 25% to the protagonist to the items in the store. 

6. Buy refill potions

When players go to the shop, they can consider purchasing the stamina refill option. Stamina is very valuable, so rather than spending it, consider investing. follow this NieR Reincarnation beginners guide for more tips.

7. Play the shooting game to raise rank

After every eight hours, the player gets the chance to access the shooting game, which helps build rank quickly. It is one of the fastest ways to increase ranks and status.

8. Know the capability

This is one of the important things to think about as players should know about their strength and capability to perform the game difficulties. Take time to adjust and then increase your difficulty mode. There are two different modes in the game:
  1. Easy Mode: in this mode, players get to challenge the weaker enemies and have the chance to use the exclusive mod-chips.
  2. Challenging Mode: If players think they are capable of challenging the real beasts, they can switch to challenging mode. This mode has real enemies that have the power to kill the player in one-shots, so build yourself and then choose this mode. 

9. Watch the tutorial properly

It is an additional tip as players have read this guide, but we also recommend going through a few YouTube tutorials to get a visual guide for NieR Reincarnation. To sum up everything: NieR Reincarnation is a true-based RPG game with a story of a girl who wanted to reclaim want she has lost. Mama is a ghost being, was the one who guides her throughout. This game is highly addictive so go through our basic tips and tricks. That’s all for today, go ahead and give it try, and if you have any confusion, get back to us on the NieR Reincarnation beginners guide and tips.
That’s all for today’s NieR Reincarnation beginners guide. Did you find this NieR Reincarnation beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagram, and Twitter for quick updates.
Nier Reincarnation Beginners Guide and Tips



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