Mukhtar Ansari Shifting from Punjab Ropar Jail to Up Banda Jail by Up Police Live Updates

12:24 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Wife is afraid of encounter

Mukhtar Ansari’s wife has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking Ansari’s protection. Mukhtar Ansari’s wife Afshan has feared that a conspiracy could be hatched to kill Mukhtar in a fake encounter.
12:18 PM, 06-Apr-2021

UP police vehicles entered inside the jail before 12 o’clock

The UP Police convoy entered the Ropar jail premises before 12 noon. The paperwork has started. It might take a while.
12:13 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Information about the convoy of Ansari’s operatives around the convoy

On the other hand, intelligence sources have revealed that Mukhtar’s henchmen will also be around the convoy in the return journey. After this, the intelligence systems of Punjab and UP have also become alert.
12:10 PM, 06-Apr-2021

UP police reached Ropar jail

UP police has reached Ropar jail. The paperwork continues. Ansari’s return journey is expected to begin shortly. Seven vehicles, including a Vajra vehicle, entered the jail premises in the UP Police convoy.
12:04 PM, 06-Apr-2021

All districts of UP on the way are on alert

Mukhtar Ansari will be brought from Uttar Pradesh to Banda Jail in Uttar Pradesh. An alert has been issued in all the districts en route to Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, Mukhtar Ansari’s wife has approached the Supreme Court. The wife has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the protection of Mukhtar Ansari.
11:58 AM, 06-Apr-2021

UP police goes to jail

Officers of UP Police leaving for Ropar Jail. – Photo: Amar Ujala
The UP police has left to pick up Mukhtar from the police line. There is a distance of about two kilometers between the jail and the police line. The CIA team has also reached the spot.
11:54 AM, 06-Apr-2021

Vehicles of UP Police lost their way

On Monday morning, the convoy of UP police from Banda reached Ropar in the early hours of Tuesday. However, coming from a different route remained a headache for the UP police. Many police vehicles lost their way.
11:54 AM, 06-Apr-2021

The jail will be closed at 12 o’clock

Ansari is in barrack number one of Ropar jail. The Ropar Jail Superintendent said that the jail is open from 6 am to 12 am. The jail is closed from 12 noon to 3 pm. After that the jail opens from three in the afternoon to six in the evening.
11:42 AM, 06-Apr-2021

Mukhtar Ansari’s farewell: UP Police convoy reached Ropar jail, will be dispatched shortly

Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari can now be assigned to UP Police at any moment. The Punjab Police has completed all the paperwork at Ropar Jail. Ropar jail has been converted into a fort for Ansari’s shifting. A large number of police forces have been deployed inside and outside the jail. The UP police will soon reach the jail from Ropar police line. There is a distance of about two kilometers between the jail and the police line. All medical examinations of Ansari have been completed but screws may be stuck on the Corona report.



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