Mobile Legends Friend list is not loading? Here’s how to fix


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The new patch has arrived on Mobile Legends Bang Bang yesterday. This new patch bought in a couple of gameplay changes, UI changes, new hero Yu Zhong and more. However, after this update, players are noticing that their friend list is not loading in Mobile Legends. Many are actually panicked as they can’t see their friends with whom they team up and play. While some of the players reported that this friends glitch has there in the game for a long time, it has been evident for most of the players after this new patch. Today in this article we’ll discuss how you can possibly fix the error of Mobile Legends friend list.

The possible fix to Mobile Legends friend list error

mobile legends friend list not loading

Solution 1

Restarting of the same is the best and easiest solution. It seemed to have worked for most of the gamers.

Solution 2

Try this only if the Solution 1 does not work for you. If you are on iOS, then follow the steps mentioned below,
  1. Go to the game’s settings.
  2. Under the settings find ‘Network detection and Resource check’.
  3. Tap on ‘Cache Clearing’ from the left side bar.
  4. Find the button – ‘Tap to clean Cache’ and do it.
And if you are on Android you can clear the cache from phone’s settings. Then the friend list of your Mobile Legends account should be back to normal If your friend list is still not loading in Mobile Legends, you should try contacting the Moonton support.

Any announcement from the dev side is yet to come

Although this friend list issue has become a hot topic in various Mobile Legends communities, Moonton is still silent about it. They are yet to speak up about this issue. We are hoping that they will will address this issue> And as they put up any official announcement, we’ll make sure to update this space.
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Mobile Legends Friend list is not loading? Here’s how to fix



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