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Be Patient at The Plate

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21 is actually one of the easier sports games to pick up and play. That said, if you get too cosy, it can come back and bite you a little. When batting, pay close attention to the pitches coming to you because the movements might seem different compared to other baseball games. The biggest thing I’ll tell you is to be more patient at the plate (Ah, there’s the tip title reference). You might think they’re coming in at a fairly quick pace but they’re not. If you’re new, don’t fret if you swing early on different pitches. Just wait a little bit and you’ll give the ball a good smack. Just keep in mind that, like in real baseball, pitches have different speeds. A fastball will obviously go faster while a curveball will have more bend to it, giving it a slower motion. A fastball can come at you fairly slow in MLB Tap 21 so you can only imagine how slow the curve moves. It also depends on the pitcher you’re facing as well. But be aware at the plate and you’ll be hitting those simple but satisfying MLB TSB home runs.

Try Not to Bunt Often

There will be times in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21 where the game will suggest you opt to bunt. This normally occurs when a player comes up to bat who has a low power rating. You can bunt, sure. If the player has a little speed, you can take a gamble. However, it’s probably still a good idea to try and swing away. Usually, these players with low power tend to have solid contact numbers. So even though you won’t be smashing home runs, you can get some good, solid hits that can lead to the runner on base to grab an extra bag. If the person on base has some nice speed, and you hit a clean shot into the gap, that can lead to an easy score. Sacrifice bunting will move a runner up one spot, but making good contact will put you and your teammate in a great position on the base paths. Of course, you can strike out, ground out or fly out, but a hit can really impact things.

Head to The Pitching Lab

Although it’s a one-tap experience in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21, pitching can sometimes be nagging. That’s where the wonderful Pitching Lab comes in to play. You can go to this mode anytime and work on your pitching with the top pitcher in your rotation. Pitching requires three taps in order for you to deliver. You have one line that’s top-down and will go from left to right on the strike zone. This determines how far right or left your pitch will go. Then there’s another line that goes up and down and as you can imagine, this determines how low or high your pitch will be. Lastly, a ball will move around a bit in the strike zone, and here is where you can choose the pitch’s final destination. Sounds like a bit doesn’t it? The good thing is that it’s three easy taps of the screen to set things up. You’ll get used to it the more you practice and this mode definitely comes in handy for your pitch training needs.



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