Minecraft PS5 Gameplay: What to Expect, Ray Tracing, 4k Textures, FPS Increase, Render Distance and More!

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The PS5 is set to release later this year. With its updated hardware and software, we can’t wait to see how games change over the next few years. One of the first games to release on the new consoles will be MInecraft. But what changes will be made to the game when it launches on the new console? Below, we list some of the features you can expect to see on the PS5 edition of Minecraft.

4k Textures

The next-gen consoles will have the ability to run games at a 4K resolution.
minecraft piglin
NETHER UPDATE – The most recent update in Minecraft gave us some awesome new features to play with.
We hope this option will be available on Minecraft, as it will only make the game look even better than it already does. READ MORE: Minecraft Dungeons: Latest News, Jungle Awakens DLC, Release Date, Price, Jungle Abomination Guide, Rune Locations, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, reviews, tips, & more Even in a game where the textures are simplistic, 4k can make a huge difference when adding to the seamless view and experience.

FPS Increase

The new consoles will also bring an upgrade in FPS (Frames Per Second).
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Overall, this makes the game look smoother, as there is less of a pause between each frame on the screen. READ MORE: Minecraft: How to get Honey – Guide, Honeycomb, Honey blocks, Beehives, Tips & Tricks, and more It’s expected that 120 FPS will be possible on Minecraft. This is double the FPS that’s available on the PS4.

Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is a lighting technique that gives environments an ultra-realistic look.
minecraft mansions
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Currently, this is a feature only available on PC as it requires specific hardware to undertake. READ MORE: Minecraft Shaders Guide: How to Install, Best Shaders, Nether Update & More The PS5 may be able to emulate Ray Tracing to create the same effect using different lighting techniques.

Render Distance

Although Render Distance doesn’t majorly affect people experience in Minecraft, it can reduce your immersion when you notice it. The improved hardware in the PS5 should allow for an almost seamless experience in Minecraft. READ MORE: Minecraft Nether Achievements: Full List, Piglins, Netherite Armour, Target Blocks, Nether Biomes & More As the world is completely flat in Minecraft, it will be interesting to see just how far the render distance is on the PS5.



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