Minecraft Championship (MCC) raises over $300,000 for charity during Pride 2021 event

Minecraft Championship (MCC) Pride 2021 has come to an end. The event was a massive success for Noxcrew and the 41 players involved during the two hours the festivities were live. After Aqua Axolotls won in a nail-biting finale, and after 20-vs-20 Dodgebolt to end the fun charity event, the team over at MCC pulled in over $300,000 for charity. The money will be going to Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth, in the U.S. Of the $300,000 donated, $100,000 of it came from YouTube Gaming which sponsored the event this time around. The rest came from viewer and competitor donations over two hours. The event originally had a $200,000 donation target but smashed that halfway through the event as the total continued to rise.
With Pride 2021 out of the way, all eyes will be on Noxcrew’s next event, Minecraft Championship (MCC) 15, which has yet to see an official date. It might be a while until we learn more about it, as well as which teams will be competing. Hopefully for fans, however, Noxcrew continues to host these small charity events outside of the bigger main events in the future, to give other content creators a chance to take part and showcase the best of the Minecraft community. Noxcrew can’t keep Ranboo away forever, after all. The community demands his participation at least once in the future.



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