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Medion Life X15575: That means Ultra HD

With Ultra HD, the LCD screen of the Medion Life X15575 has four times the HD resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The UHD television sets the displayed images together from tiny dots that cannot be seen with the naked eye. TV programs with this resolution are still the exception; the Medion receives HD programs via the three common reception channels of satellite, cable and antenna; the term HD Triple Tuner stands for this. Anyone who receives their TV programs via the Internet from Entertain, for example, can connect the receiver responsible for this to one of the TV’s HDMI inputs.
On the R

There are three HDMI inputs on the back of the Medion X15575, and a fourth is easily accessible on the side.

Medion X15575: Four HDMI inputs and more

There are four HDMI inputs on the back of the Medion X15575; many competitors only offer two in this price range. In general, the Medion television is lavishly equipped with connections. There is also an analog AV input for an old recorder or a camera with an analog video output. In addition, there is a VGA connection, so the Medion is equipped for many connection eventualities. There are also two USB ports that can be used to display your own video recordings or photos, for example. Photos are also perfect for enjoying the enormous sharpness of the UHD screen. Images from 8 megapixels make full use of the resolution, while HD videos only come to 2 megapixels.

Medion X15575: That means PVR ready

Medion X15575: HbbTV with media libraries

For some television programs, time shift and PVR are no longer necessary. With ARD broadcasts in particular, a restart is often possible without a hard drive, just pressing the blue button on the remote control is enough for this replay function. The prerequisite for this is that the television is connected to the Internet. This can be done via cable and WLAN. The restart function then uses the media library of the respective broadcaster to play the respective program right from the start. The media library can also be called up manually with the red remote control button, in technical jargon it is called HbbTV.

Medion X15575: That bring Ultra HD and HDR

YouTube videos can also be played via the Internet connection, as well as films and series from Amazon Prime and Netflix, provided you have the appropriate subscription. The Medion button conceals other offers such as Videociety and Pantaflix, but the selection beyond that is small. If you want to use other streaming offers such as Disney +, you have to connect a streaming stick such as the Amazon Fire TV. More and more posts on Amazon and Netflix also feature HDR technology. High dynamic range means more brightness gradations in the film. Then, for example, on the shady edge of the forest in the backlight, individual tree trunks stand out against the black, at the same time structures of the clouds can still be seen in the bright sky. But clearly in this price range: You shouldn’t expect dazzling brightness here. In addition to normal HDR, the Medion also masters the refined version Dolby Vision.

Medion X15575: The best picture settings

The Medion X15575 already offers a decent picture impression in its basic settings. If the colors are too rosy for you, you can switch to the “Cinema” mode in the picture settings. This means that the television shows more natural colors. The menu item “Micro Dimming” is misleading because instead of dimming anything, it brightens the brightest areas a little. This creates a somewhat more brilliant picture impression, but details are lost in bright areas of the picture. Depending on your taste, the lowest setting is okay, but a higher setting is not recommended. The other settings can remain as they are. For Dolby Vision films, the Medion automatically switches to a corresponding picture mode in the light version. In the dark living room, the can be switched to “Dolby Vision Dark” for a more vivid picture impression with deeper black.
The men

The menus for setting the image are clearly arranged on the Medion X15575.

Medion X15575: decent sound, easy operation

The remote control of the Medion X15575 lies comfortably in the hand.  © COMPUTER BILD

The remote control of the Medion X15575 is easy to hold.

Test result Medion Life X15575 (MD 31755)




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