Medion MD 85010: Professional quick charger in a practical test


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Medion MD 85010: Charges five battery types

The professional fast charger Medion MD 85010 is suitable for charging AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. An LC display and an LED status display inform the user about the charging status in percent, according to the manufacturer. According to Medion, up to eight batteries can be charged at the same time, but this only works with the types AA, AAA and 9V block.

Charging currents

With the professional MD 85010 quick charger, the manufacturer also wants to prevent the batteries from being overcharged. Also good: if the respective battery is fully charged, the professional quick charger automatically switches from charging to trickle charging. In addition, a warning display informs the user as soon as he has inserted defective batteries or incorrectly inserted the energy storage device into the Medion MD 85010. The manufacturer Medion also specifies the following charging currents for the above-mentioned batteries: AA, C and D are filled with a maximum of 1,000 milliamps, AAA batteries with a maximum of 500 milliamps and 9-volt blocks with a maximum of 70 milliamps.

Medion MD 85010 in the practical test: conclusion

The professional fast charger Medion MD 85010 will be available in all Aldi branches from December 17, 2020. The discounter estimates 14.99 euros for the device. That is a really fair price for the versatile charger. Devices with comparable equipment often cost twice as much.



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