Medion MD 19900: Aldi vacuum robot in a practical test

S.Augrobots are the luxury object in the smart home, as the clever helpers can cost 400 euros or more. Aldi wants to change that and regularly lures people with smart cleaning aids at reasonable prices. The latest trick: On April 26, 2021, Aldi Nord’s MD 19900 will be a Medion vacuum cleaner for a mere 111 euros. The practice test.

The best robot vacuum cleaners

  • Sucks very thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Detects obstacles and carpets
  • Good wiping function
S6 MaxV
  • Sucks thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Reliably detects obstacles
  • HEPA filter for allergy sufferers
  • Quite loud when vacuuming
  • Wipes a little carelessly
  • Long loading times
360 Eye
  • Very easy control via app
  • Hardly any particulate matter emissions
  • Good on carpet
  • Very thorough on hard floors
  • Continues cleaning after loading
  • Loud volume
  • High price
360 heurist
  • Strong brush, high suction power
  • Camera with LED lighting
  • Robust chain drive
  • High price
  • Navigation not very smart
  • No side brushes for corners and edges
Complete list: the best robot vacuum cleaners

The new Aldi vacuum cleaner can do that

What Medion puts in its vacuum robot for the small price can certainly be seen on paper. These are the most important functions and properties at a glance:
  • Intelligent navigation systemthat cleans lane by lane and uses various sensors to orient itself in space
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
  • Start and operation conveniently with the included remote control
  • Automatic return to Charging station
  • Running time: up to 90 minutes, Charging time about 4.5 hours
  • Bagless 300 milliliter dust container Capacity
  • Dimensions: 8 centimeters high, 30 centimeters in diameter, Weight 2.2 kilograms.
  • scope of delivery: Robot vacuum cleaner, charging station, power supply unit, side brushes (plus replacement), filter plus replacement, remote control including batteries, operating instructions

MD 19900 tried out: Quickly ready to go

With its low height, the 2 kilo device fits under many beds, sofas and chests of drawers. The robot vacuum cleaner can also be used on the first floor with confidence: a fall sensor prevents it from tumbling down the stairs to the ground floor. The smart vacuum cleaner cannot be started up and controlled via the app. Medion includes a remote control – and it starts at the push of a button. If you want, you can use it to create a cleaning plan and automatically send the vacuum cleaner on a cleaning tour around noon every day. Without an app, however, there is no virtual map with areas and room layout that the device uses for the next round. Remote access via WiFi or voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is not an option.
Medion MD 19900, with remote control © Medion, COMPUTER BILD

During breaks in cleaning, the Aldi vacuum cleaner docks to the supplied charging station and charges there. The remote control starts cleaning – just press a button!

Practice test: The MD 19900 is so smart

The Medion vacuum cleaner was not squeamish when it came to vacuuming. Despite clever sensors, it often bumped into table legs, floor vases or cupboards. After all: the front bumper gently cushioned most collisions. The bargain vacuum cleaner dispenses with a centrally placed brush roller on the underside – it sucks in dust and crumbs through a slot. Two rotating side brushes push the dirt there until it lands in the plastic box inside the vacuum cleaner. With a volume of almost 60 decibels, the Medion vacuum cleaner boomed about as loud as a dishwasher. The noise level is therefore limited.

Medion MD 19900: test conclusion, price and availability




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