Medion MD 19601: Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function for 179 euros


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Control via smartphone app

For convenient operation of the little helper, you can control the MD 19601 via the Medion Robots app if you wish. They are available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Alternatively, the vacuum cleaner supports voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Medion states that the battery life is a generous 100 minutes, which means that larger areas can be cleaned in one go. The built-in lithium-ion battery needs between four and five hours for a full charge. Different cleaning modes and individual suction power regulation enable the performance to be adapted to the respective cleaning situation.

Gyro technology instead of laser navigation

As expected, you will look in vain for laser navigation with the MD 19601. Instead, several sensors and integrated gyro technology ensure that the mechanical cleaning devil doesn’t get lost or even tumble down the stairs. A highly efficient dust filter should also make the vacuum cleaner attractive for allergy sufferers. With a height of 8 centimeters, the Medion 19601 is flat enough to clean under one or the other piece of furniture. After completing its work, the MD 19601 independently returns to the charging station included in the delivery. A test has to show how well the device performs in practice.



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