Medion MD 19169: Overlock sewing machine at Aldi

Medion MD 19169: Aldi-Overlock-N

Medion MD 19169: The overlock sewing machine will be available in all Aldi branches nationwide from November 16, 2020.

GIf you agree with the manufacturers, the demand for sewing machines has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Why? A popular pastime is sewing and selling mouth and nose masks. On the other hand, many employees are on short-time work, some of them pursue hobbies such as sewing, especially in the winter months. Aldi wants to have the right sewing machine in its range for this purpose: According to the manufacturer, the versatile Medion MD 19169 overlock sewing machine will be in its branches nationwide from November 16, 2020.

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Medion MD 19169: Effective sewing

But what are the advantages of so-called overlock sewing machines? In contrast to pure free-arm sewing machines like the one only offered by Aldi Nord Medion MD 18357 can sew, overcast and cut overlock models in one operation. According to the manufacturer, the maximum output is 90 watts, the sewing output should be 1,200 revolutions per minute.

Nice extras

With the Medion MD 19169, customers can sew with up to four threads at the same time, and two needles can also be used in parallel. The manufacturer also praises these extras on the 31x31x32 centimeter and 7.5 kilogram sewing machine:
  • LED sewing light 1 watt
  • Separately adjustable thread tension
  • Sewing height: 4 millimeters (mm)
  • Cutting width: 0 to 6.5 mm
  • Stitch length standard: 2.5 to 4.0 mm
  • Rolled hem: 1.0 to 1.5 mm
  • Integrated accessory compartment
  • Telescopic thread guide
  • Free arm sewing
  • Furegler

There is also that

And the manufacturer adds a wide range of accessories to the Aldi sewing machine:
  • 4x spool of thread
  • 1x tweezers
  • 1x spare lower knife
  • 1x cover
  • 1x brush
  • Two needles each size 11, size 14 and size 16
  • 4x spool plates
  • 1x sewing machine bottle (without content)
  • 1x needle storage box
  • 1x accessory storage bag
  • 2x screwdrivers (large and small)

Medion MD 19169: Price and Availability

The Medion MD 19169 overlock sewing machine will be available in all Aldi Nord and Aldi Sd branches nationwide from November 16, 2020. The price was unknown when this article was written. The editors will submit it at this point as soon as the discounter calls it.



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