Medion Erazer X89020 High End E-Sports Table: Gaming table at Aldi


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Medion Erazer X89020: carbon look

Even at first sight, the manufacturer Medion has given the Erazer X89020 High End E-Sports Table a carbon look that looks really classy. The gaming table weighs around 25 kilograms and is 123.6 centimeters wide, 71.8 centimeters deep and 77.5 centimeters high. It is not too lavishly big, but not too puny either. There is space for a monitor, keyboard, mouse and large mouse pad as well as a printer or a NAS drive.

Eliminate chaos

Many devices usually also mean many cables. And that often ends in an ugly mess of strings. This can be avoided with the Medion Erazer X89020. The E-Sports Table has openings on the left and right in the tabletop for connection and power cables, which can then be hidden on the underside thanks to cable management.

Headset holder and RGB lighting

Nice extra: There is a holder for gaming headsets on the gaming table, which also helps keep things tidy. Less for tidiness, more for the stylish look: the gaming table has design elements from Erazer notebooks that can be illuminated using RGB colors to match the game.

The right chair?

Erazer X89020 High End E-Sports Table: Price

Aldi Nord will be offering the Erazer X89020 High End E-Sports Table gaming table online from January 28, 2021 via the “Aldi delivers” service. The price: 189 euros.



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