Medion Akoya S22003 review: Aldi PC in mini format



  • Sufficient work speed
  • Compact design
  • Economical
  • WLAN-ac and bluetooth


  • Unsuitable for games
  • Memory card reader missing
  • No keyboard in the package
  • Mild expansion options
M.Does it really always have to be a full-fledged PC with a lot of steam, like the Medion Erazer Engineer X10, which is also offered by Aldi? No! Especially not if you are not a gamer. Less powerful copies are also sufficient for the Internet, Office & Co. Does the Medion Akoya S22003 also count? COMPUTER BILD had the compact Aldi PC in the test.

The best PCs

Medion Akoya S22003 in the test: PC in mini format

With its dimensions of 21.5×20.0x5.5 centimeters, the Medion Akoya S22003 is hardly larger than a school book. Together with the PC there is a stand so that the PC can sit on the desk both lying down and standing. In addition to the on / off switch, the Aldi PC has two USB sockets on the front for convenient connection of USB sticks and external SSDs, as well as sockets for plugging in headsets.

All important connections

The Medion Akoya S22003 is not stingy with connections on the back either: Monitors can be connected to the Aldi PC either via the old-fashioned VGA socket or the more recent HDMI connection, the Medion does not have a display port. The Akoya has four USB 3.2 ports (Gen 1, Type A) for printers, keyboards, music and external hard drives. There are also ports for headphones and a microphone here. Also good: The Medion can be connected to the network either by cable or wirelessly via WLAN-ac.

A look inside

Anyone who opens the case can take a look at the technology used in the Medion Akoya S22003. And that surprised the testers:
  • Processor: The drive is not a modern Comet Lake S processor, but a Broadwell CPU, which Intel had already presented in the first quarter of 2015. Reason: According to Medion, this Intel CPU was still the best choice when assembling the PC in the price range up to 400 euros. The Core i3-5005U is actually a laptop CPU, which manufacturers often use in mini PCs. The Core i3-5005U has two cores that work at 2 gigahertz. Using hyperthreading technology, the processor can pretend four cores to the Windows 10 operating system for better distribution of tasks.
  • Random access memory: Because of the Broadwell CPU, fast DDR4 bars are not used as the working memory, but DDR3 modules, namely a bar with 8 gigabytes.
  • SSD: After all, there is no hard drive in the Akoya S22003, but an SSD, albeit a copy with a SATA connection instead of a fast PCI Express connection. The effective storage capacity: 238 gigabytes.

Not a high flyer

It goes without saying that the Medion Akoya S22003 is not a high-flyer. He did internet and office tasks without long waiting times, but also without any hectic pace. When editing photos and videos, users need patience, but that also works with the small Aldi PC. It is not at all suitable for games, but the Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics unit housed in the CPU is far too weak.

Loud under full load, but really economical

The Medion worked pleasantly quietly in the test (maximum 0.6 sone), its fan was only audible under full load (3.3 sone). On the other hand, he was really tight when it came to power consumption: on average he only consumed 19 watts. Grown-out PCs often need three times as much or more.
Test results

Intel Core i3-5005U

Graphics chip

Intel HD Graphics 5500

random access memory



238 GB M.2 SATA SSD (Intel S426M256G)

hard disk


Tempo with Office / Tempo in video editing

sufficient (37.5%) / sufficient (30.4%)

Game speed with 1920×1080 / 3840×2160 pixels

not playable (5/0 frames per second)

Noises (office / video / full load / games)

very quiet (0.6 / 0.5 / 3.3 / 2.8 sone)

Power consumption: normal / maximum /

in the mix per year (electricity costs)

19.05 watts / 37.9 watts /

40.72 kWh (10.48 euros)


2x audio input, 2x audio output, 6x USB 3 (USB 3.2 Gen 1 type A), 1x HDMI, 1x network (1000 Mbit)

Radio links

WLAN-ac (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5

Free expansion options:

Expansion cards / RAM /

Mass storage / DVD-BD drives

none / none /

none / none

Using the keyboard /

Operation of the mouse

not included /

okay (simple standard version, a bit light)

Medion Akoya S22003: test conclusion




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