macOS 11 Big Sur: Problems creating bootable backups

Errors in macOS Big Sur apparently delay the adaptation of a long-serving backup application. So far it is not possible to create a bootable backup of macOS 11, as Dave Nanian, developer of the SuperDuper !, explained. Even Apple’s new in-house tool “Apple Software Restore – ASR” for cloning drives with the APFS file system is still not able to do this. For this reason there is no beta of the backup software for macOS 11 yet, writes Nanian. There is not even an “internal alpha version” of SuperDuper !, because it cannot meet “its own requirements”. One now hopes that Apple will eliminate the problems with ASR after all, so that programs from third-party developers can create bootable backups. “We’re kind of stuck while we’re waiting for the king,” says the developer. macOS 11 Big Sur is currently still in the public beta phase, but should be released to the general public soon. Apple’s major macOS updates usually come out in late September or early October. The problem is that the manufacturer’s tool Apple Software Restore does not work properly with the system drive signed in macOS 11 (“Signed System Volume”). For this reason, the copies made by ASR are not bootable, explains the developer of the backup tool Carbon Copy Cloner. But they are working with Apple to resolve the problems. A schedule for this doesn’t seem to be in place yet, but whether the fix will be done before Big Sur is released remains open.
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A bug in macOS Catalina 10.15.5 recently prevented the creation of new bootable Mac backups – Apple has corrected this in the current version 10.15.6. A workaround used by Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) can now also be used for macOS 11, the developers write: You can simply install macOS Big Sur over the backup created with CCC to make it bootable. In contrast to SuperDuper! Carbon Copy Cloner is already testing a version that is designed for macOS 11.
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