Logitech MX Keys Mini: Compact keyboard in a practical test

It would probably have been easy for Logitech to bring out the MX Keys in a smaller form factor: Take the keyboard, cut off the middle block and, whack, the MX Keys Mini is there. In the end, it was probably not that easy with the development, because with the Mini, Logitech is aiming for a very special target group: creative people. They usually work with several devices and have little space on the desk (perhaps because of the creative chaos).

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Easy setup

The only good thing is that the Logitech MX Keys Mini, like the large version, can be used with up to three devices at the same time. The keyboard connects to a Mac, iPad and a Windows PC via Bluetooth. You can switch from one device to the next at the push of a button. It’s very easy to do. The typical USB receiver ensures even more convenience. The keyboard is set up on the computer in no time at all. If you like, you can use the new Bolt receiver if necessary. It should increase security. But before you buy, keep your eyes open! There is also a Mac version (tested here). The dongle is missing. If you can do without the Mac-specific layout, you can also combine the universal version with Apple computers.
Close-up of the Logitech MX Keys Mini charging port
The keyboard is charged via a USB-C connection. The Mac version comes with a USB-C-to-C cable, the normal version comes with a USB-A-to-C cable.

Here you have to get used to it

Speaking of layout. It is clear at first glance: The MX Keys Mini is nothing for number acrobats and Excel heroes without a number pad. But creative people also have to get used to it first. Usually, the backspace and enter keys are literally neglected on smaller keyboards. This is not the case with the MX Keys Mini. Great! The arrow keys under the right shift key are quite narrow and small, however. That gives deductions in terms of comfort. You are looking in vain for an independent delete key. Instead you have to use the key combination “Shift + Backspace”. Other keys such as Command, Control or Option are slightly smaller on the keyboard than on the large MX Keys. But that’s not so bad.
Arrow keys on the Logitech MX Keys Mini
Really mini: The arrow keys live up to the name of the keyboard.

Small keyboard with great typing experience

Once you’ve got used to it, the MX Keys Mini is a great way to hit the keys. The pressure point is comfortable, the drop is neither too shallow nor too deep. In addition, letters and numbers on the keyboard have small notches, which makes it easier for the fingertips to blindly find the right starting point. When it comes to the office again, colleagues have nothing to fear. There is no annoying clacking with the Mini.

This is where Logitech recycles

The technology is packaged in a plastic housing that is of high quality to the touch. If you like, you can choose the keyboard to match your desk. In addition to a gray (Graphite), there is a silver (Pale Gray) and rose-gold (Rosé) variant. Praiseworthy: According to his own statement, the housing of the graphite keyboard is made of 30 percent and the other two are made of 12 percent recycled materials.

The MX Keys Mini is a real light

The keyboard also cuts a fine figure in poor light. Because a proximity sensor is built in, it lights up as soon as you put your hands on the Mini. Not the only trick. Logitech also reassigns the function keys. Use the Emoji button to call up the Emoji menu in the correct program and apps, Logitech brings the dictation function to F6, F8 lets you take a screenshot of any screen section and F9 mutes the microphone system-wide. Perfect for video conferencing. The media control is a little too short for this: louder, quieter, play and pause are no problem. However, you cannot skip a song in the playlist at the factory. However, you can use the LogiOptions software to make improvements and reassign buttons.
Function keys of the Logitech MX Keys Mini
Logitech replaces the standard F-keys with more or less useful functions.

Preliminary conclusion

Although the Logitech MX Keys Mini is compact, you don’t miss a lot at work. The keyboard cuts a fine figure on small desks. The typing experience is great, but it didn’t really need the four extra keys. What really bothers are the small arrow keys. Incidentally, at 109 euros, the MX Keys Mini is not a take-away item. As of now (September 28, 2021), the output is worthwhile if you write a lot and do little arithmetic.



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