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Lidl fan: price check and alternative © Lidl,

Suitable for midsummer: Lidl has a variety of fans on offer in the online shop.

D.Germany has caught a new hot front and is driving temperatures up. Many therefore want a quick cool-down. They promise fans, for example, that quickly create a refreshing indoor climate. At Lidl, the rotors run at full power. Bargain hunters should be quick as stocks can run out quickly. COMPUTER BILD presents the Lidl fans and interesting alternatives (all prices – as of August 7, 2020). »Fans in comparison: Here you will find further models

Lidl fans: good to know

  • Lidl offers a variety of models in its online shop, including the “Silvercrest” and “Livarno Lux” brands.
  • From the floor to the ceiling fan, everything is included.
  • Popular devices are available from around 13 euros plus a flat shipping fee of 4.83 euros.

Lidl standing fan: the classic at the discounter

If you are looking for a classic windmaker, you should take a look at the Silvercrest standing fan for 17.45 euros. The fan is equipped with three fan speeds, including a night mode. With an output of around 45 watts, the rotor blades rotate at a maximum of 1,250 revolutions per minute and generate an air flow of almost 3,258 cubic meters per hour. The Lidl stand fan can be programmed for up to 7.5 hours using the timer function. The control works directly on the device and via the remote control supplied. The fan with a diameter of 40 centimeters can be tilted vertically and can be adjusted in height from 105 to 125 centimeters. It swivels to the sides by up to 85 degrees at the push of a button.

Cheaper tower fan at Lidl?

The tower fan is almost as popular as the pedestal fan. The devices are usually space-saving and also provide cool air. Lidl has a simple model for 19.48 euros in its online shop and in the branches. The Silvercrest STV 45 D5 is quite compact with dimensions of 24×76 centimeters. The device has three levels and swivels back and forth at a 90-degree angle at the push of a button. The control elements on the top are clearly arranged. The 120-minute timer can be set continuously using the large rotary switch. When the time has expired, the Lidl tower fan switches off automatically. The device stands securely thanks to the wide foot and is easy to transport thanks to the recessed grip. Lidl states that the power is around 45 watts. The power cable is about 1.8 meters long. The model is offered online in black and white.

Lidl floor fan only in the online shop

A metal floor fan from Silvercrest is available in the Lidl online shop for 38.98 euros. At the lowest of the three speed levels, the three-bladed rotor with a diameter of 45 centimeters delivers around 950, in second gear around 1,100 and a maximum of 1,250 revolutions per minute. The model can be tilted up to 130 degrees so that the air blows in the right direction. The discounter specifies the air throughput at around 7,367 cubic meters per hour and the power at 100 watts. The Lidl floor fan measures 54.5x53x19 centimeters and weighs 5.1 kilograms. The device is currently only available in silver.

Table fan from Silvercrest at Lidl

There is currently a table fan from the house brand Silvercrest for 12.60 euros on offer in Lidl’s online shop. The model whirls up the air in three speed levels. The swivel function can also be switched on with a movement radius of 75 degrees. The model can be tilted accordingly so that the air blows in the right direction. The fan has a diameter of 30 centimeters and a power cable with a length of 2 meters. The power is specified with 35 watts. With a weight of 1.6 kilograms, the model is not necessarily a flyweight.

Lidl: ceiling fan on offer

Lidl occasionally has ceiling fans in its range. A model with LED lighting from Livarno Lux is currently in stock in the online shop for 38.98 euros. The Lidl ceiling fan with its four rotor blades has a diameter of 105 centimeters. Equipped with three power levels and a right-left rotation, the device cuts a fine figure even in winter. Then the fan does not turn clockwise, as in summer, but in the opposite direction. As a result, the rising warm air comes back down through the ceiling and walls. The fan and the lighting with a warm 270 Kelvin can be controlled relatively easily using two pull switches. The frame is made of metal and has a matt nickel look. The lampshade, however, is made of opal glass. Schick: The scope of delivery includes four wing sides each in white and wood look. The fan has an output of 50 watts and the maximum permissible lamp output is 60 watts.



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