League of Legends: Wild Rift to have Indian server with the Middle East at launch

[ad_1] After the ban of almost every single Mobile MOBA, Riot has given hope to the Indian MOBA players as they plan to have an Indian server for Wild Rift which will be also shared by Middle East players. Although there’s still no news for the release in India, this certainly gives a sigh of relief to experience League of legends Wild Rift at its best.

Specific server means better ping and localized contents

For any online game, ping can make a huge difference. High ping can extensively make the gameplay experience poor. So, seeing Riot Games to have an exclusive server for Indian Wild Rift players will surely help the community to experience the game at its best. Lower ping will make the game much smoother, faster and lag-free.
Wild Rift Indian server
If you have played Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor in India, then you must know how irritating it is to experience game lag due to network issues and ping problems. With Riot’s initiative of the Indian server, it seems Wild Rift will be much more enjoyable. The specific servers also plan to bring localized events. That means there might be server-specific events that may not be same for the other servers. When the players will open the game they’ll see a popup saying, “Confirm your account region to ensure we give you accurate missions, events and rewards”. And this definitely points towards the presence of localized events in the game which will make the game even more interesting!

Wild Rift release date in India

While the game is about to roll Open Beta in some southeast Asian countries, there’s still no news about Wild Rift’s release date in India. However, we are hopeful that the time is not far away.
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