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1 Yggdrasil, The Secret Beast

Most beginner players often overlook this secret spot on the map, but right after you clear Port Aldana, a sub-squest will appear about a girl trying to get her grandma cured. Accept this sub-quest and it will unlock the Tree of Yggdrasil. In order to trigger the Yggdrasil fight, you need to obtain the Rare Ark “Giant Tree” – it’s actually a pretty common pull from the gacha crystals. Once you have it, use your Blue Souls to Level Up the Ark to Level 2. This will effectively unlock the Yggdrasil fight when you visit the World Tree – you don’t even have to equip the Giant Tree Ark to fight her. last cloudia summons guide - yggdrasil You won’t be able to damage Yggdrasil as long as she’s still got minions running around, so make sure you have a Unit with Fire or Dark attacks to get rid of those pesky little things quicker. When you can finally deal her some damage, she’ll heal herself for 9999 HP at some point. Just keep whittling her life down and the fight will be over soon. The Summon effect of the Yggdrasil stone heals all allies and revives dead party mates with 1% of their HP – definitely well worth the effort.

2 Grana Daria Summoning Stone

You have to reach Seaside Granada in the Story Mode and complete the side-quests for it – particularly, after clearing “Ship’s Escort Mission”. Then, tap on the whirlpool nearby on the World Map and this should unlock the Temple of Grana Daria. You can encounter the sea dragon there if you have the SR Ark “Temple of Grana Daria”. Much like the Giant Tree, you need to level up the Ark to Level 2. temple of grana daria You’ll likely at least be at Level 60 by now, and to be honest, Grana Daria doesn’t pose too much of a challenge. You should be able to defeat the beast fairly easily – and again, when in doubt, pick a Level 100 support unit who can carry your party in a pinch.

3 Last Cloudia Summons Guide: Babalaad

The most convoluted process of all beasts in this Last Cloudia Summons Guide, unlocking the venom dragon requires unlocking the Hidden Pokkle Plains first, which is incredibly easy to miss if you’re just going through the whole story. First, you need to go through Badal Rainforest: Forest Wandering – remember to pick Head Left when prompted each time. Second, finish the Badal Rainforest sub-quest Pokkle’s Day Out. Then, go back and run Badal Rainforest: In Forest Dark and Dreary, and pick Head Left again for each choice. Finish the Badal Rainforest sub-quest Follow Your Nose afterwards. Again, run Badal Rainforest: Honesty and Trust and always pick Head Straight. Finish the Badal Rainforest sub-quest A Buggy Calculation, as well as the sub-quest Finding the Path. This should then unlock the Hidden Pokkle Plains. Then, clear the Samel Village sub-quest A Pokkle’s Natural Foe, then go back to the Hidden Pokkle Plains. After all that, this should finally unlock Poison Swamp, which unlocks Venom Castle Babalaad. You need to have the Venom Dragon Babalaad Ark upgraded to Level 2 before you can encounter the beast. Whew! last cloudia summons guide - venom dragon babalaad We hope this Last Cloudia Summons Guide helps you beef up your party whether you’ve got the best pulls or you’re just a beginner trying to wrap your head around the game.



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