Knossi record on Twitch: Streamer completely freaks out

Zocken is his job. Twitch streamer Knossi makes the online casinos of the republic unsafe and inspires 1,249,167 followers and 52,336 subscribers, i.e. monthly paying fans. More than any other German streamer. Even his foster father and Twitch veteran Montana Black, called “Monte”, pushed the self-proclaimed king of online casinos from the subscriber throne. And he continues to chase records, even if he doesn’t have to do much to get it.

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Knossi-Fan slimes with lumps of money

Knossis Probably the biggest fan is the Twitch user “migoliani” – and he has a big wallet. Little is known about him or her except that the person is loud Media report likes to distribute lavish donations to Twitch streamers and lives in Portugal. Of course, “migoliani” did not miss out on its benefit in a live stream from Knossi great to announce. The user promised his idol to break a world record.
And he kept his word: he transferred 555,000 bits to the king of the online casino, the equivalent of 7,100 euros. Too much for Knossi, of his emotions Freerunning and close to tears, with a bright red head, began to roar that this was the world record. The streamer held a megaphone in his hand, the siren of which supported him in the cheering. By the way: The streamer held this record so far “Lewdi“which got 549,945 bits on a United Nations livestream.



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