Kickstarter campaign: Audio earrings from Nova make music

Audio Earrings Nova H1 © NOVA

Audio Earrings Nova H1: Developed especially for women and for once not painted pink – that works too!

GIs there another argument about what to give your girlfriend for Easter? Man is for technology, woman for jewelry. Start-up Nova from Munich wants to manage the balancing act and brings both in one product. Read here how the Audio Earrings Nova H1 work, what they should cost and when they will be available!

Nova H1: pearls with audio function

In films and series, a lively, melancholy or eerie soundtrack accompanies the characters in certain situations. And sometimes in life you imagine what your own soundtrack would sound like. Nova Products wants to offer this experience. The music-making pearl earrings are very unusual for headphones on the earlobe. The wearers continue to perceive their surroundings in addition to the music. The concept is somewhat reminiscent of the Sport Open Earbuds from Bose, which also don’t get into your ears. The Pearl Audio Earrings, however, are the elegant answer to this: The wireless headphones are embedded in freshwater pearls and, according to the manufacturer, are held by a real silver or gold clip.

Audio Earrings: Battery Life, Availability, Price

Music and phone calls reach the wearer: inside by directional sound. Each output sound is passed on from the earlobe directly to the ear canal. Only the users: they should hear whatever is echoing from the Nova H1. The battery is on the back of the earrings. According to the manufacturer, the Nova H1 run for more than three hours with active use, and the battery life extends to over 20 hours with a charger. They are compatible with iOS and Android. The price is a bit steep, however: the audio earrings cost between 500 and 600 euros. A Kickstarter campaign is currently running. The earrings have already been developed and are in production, but Nova Products GmbH still needs additional funds to buy some components and tools.



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