Reproducing marijuana is the same as any other plants. There are male and female plants where the male plants pollinate the female flower and the reproduction process can begin. The female plant than produce seeds which are collected and used for the future growth. There are many different marijuana strains and they can produce varieties of male and female flowers even on the same plant. This often happens when the plant is left in the flowering process for an extended period of time. This condition is called hermaphrodite condition. The male flowers self-pollinate the female and produce pollen which creates cannabis seeds. Some great examples of marijuana seeds are Gorilla Glue Seeds or Nirvana Seeds

The female plant dies after the cannabis seeds become mature. The seeds are used for the grow of another generation of the plants or for an industrial use. Edibles, seed oil, and other products are made out of the marijuana seeds. The new generation of plants starts with the process of germination the seeds. Seeds are available on the internet or at your local dispensary. There are multiple sources to get good quality seeds and the best seeds are the feminized seeds which double your harvested yields.

Germination is a process where the seed will get enough hydration to be able to pop up the little sprout through the exterior shell. After the process of germination is done, the seed with a little sprout needs to go into a high nutrition rich soil to start the process of growing. When planning an outdoor space for your growing or an indoor marijuana box it’s important to wait with the germination of your seeds until the garden is set and ready to go. To start a successful garden with your germinated seeds, you need three things. Water, air, and heat. The most simple way how to proceed with the germination of your cannabis seeds is to take two towels soaked in the water and place the seeds on it in a dark and dry place. The temperature should be somewhere between seventy to ninety degrees. The process will take a few days but once done make sure you have your garden ready to go because the seeds need to be placed in the soil right after the germination process is over.



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