Interesting Facts about The Home of Gambling

It’s almost impossible to find a person that hasn’t heard about betting and gambling. This kind of entertainment has been mentioned in absolutely every field we face in our daily lives such as in books, movies and all over the internet. However, many people have tried this kind of entertainment and share many of their success and winning stories.

Nonetheless, players wishing to explore the world of gambling and dive in casinos might want to know more than the typical stereotypes displayed on this subject. In the article, and with the help of, we will be talking about interesting and little – known facts about gambling that many experienced gamblers couldn’t find.

Las Vegas became popular because of nuclear bombs!

Las Vegas has always been known with bright entertainment and a large number of casinos. Well, this hasn’t been specifically the case forever. Many gambling establishments took Las Vegas as its base at the start of the 20th century. Most of these were run by locals. It was not after a long period of time that the US Department of Energy started to choose the State of Nevada as a place to conduct many of its nuclear experiments, which was just not far from Las Vegas. There had been more than 1,100 experiments detonated by the year of 1963. Explosions were a main attraction for tourists at that time.

Tourists used to receive flyers containing the dates of upcoming experiments and a list with casinos where they could witness them. This kind of entertainment got its own theme with guests having the chance to drink “atomic cocktails” in bars. These themed parties became so popular that one gambling establishment started a contest for Miss nuclear Energy.

Fruits and Slot machines

It is a long-standing tradition to see fruits as symbols in slot machines. The series of events in which fruits were introduced into slot machines is of course fascinating.

The United States banned all forms of casinos by the 19th century. Instead, it introduced “fruit machines”. These machines were designed to pass out the winnings using candy and sweets with fruit flavors. Cherry gum was awarded to gamblers who matched a combination of cherries on the screen. The same goes for gums of other fruits.

The ban on gambling was lifted in 1931 and the first slot machines started to pay cash winnings. They decided to keep the fruit symbols as a souvenir of past times.

Casino in prison

Gambling became so popular in Nevada that even criminals had the chance to be allowed to access it. A prison named Carson city even has its own operating casino from 1932 till 1967.

The most famous games among the prisoners were blackjack, poker and dice. They also had the chance to place wagers on sport events.

The first casino license was granted to a woman

Contrary to the popular belief that only wealthy men were able to operate wealthy big businesses like casinos, the first casino license was actually granted to a woman. The Southern Club was founded by Mamie Stoker in September 1920. With her husband Harold being a railroad worker, she refused his name to be mentioned in the documents. Gambling was illegal at that time, but the club offered interesting entertainments to their guests such as stud poker, lowball poker, and “500”.

Gamblers have the right to block themselves

Sometimes gamblers get too obsessed with gambling. Casinos offer “self-removal” as an option, if players start to feel addiction and want to avoid any other undesirable consequences.

A player can contact the institution’s management to be added to a “blacklist”. This will keep his name on this file for a certain period of time, or by his choice, forever. This will prevent him from accessing all the games. This applies to both physical and virtual casinos.

Dealers should keep “clean hands”.

Each casino is equipped with many cameras, so surveillance is always on. Casino workers must show their ‘clean hands’ gesture. They must show their open palms to the camera in order to prevent fraud.

Dealers are expected to maintain “clean hands” throughout the workflow. They must be clean when they approach the table or leave it.

The world’s largest slot machine

Super Big Bertha is the casino’s most well-known slot machine. It can still be used today. It was constructed in the 1950s at a cost of 150 thousand Canadian dollars. It was part of the Bally’s Gambling range, which is a well-known Las Vegas casino.

Super Big Bertha, which measures 2.5m high by nearly 2m in width, still amazes. The motor was an electrical motor of 5 kilowatts. There were 20 symbols and 8 reels. This enabled for many combinations.



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