Instagram now lets you add pronouns to your bio: Here’s what it means

Instagram has added a new feature with an aim to help people identify themselves better. The photo-sharing app now lets people add pronouns in their bios, which will be visible next to their name on the app. Also Read – Instagram for Kids should be abandoned, writes US attorney coalition to Facebook With the new feature, Instagram joins the list of existing apps such as LinkedIn, various dating apps, and even Facebook, which owns Instagram. Also Read – Instagram Story Highlights of ‘Pgtalal’ crashing phones: What is it? How to stay safe?

Instagram allows for pronouns in bio

People can choose to add up to four options as their preferred pronouns. This includes options such as he/his/him, she/hers/her, them/their/they, and more. Also Read – Facebook introduces new features for better interactions on Messenger, Instagram The pronouns will be italicised and will appear in a faded grey colour. This is similar to the appearance of a person’s profession when they choose to keep their Instagram profile public. The ability to add pronouns is a welcome change to promote gender diversity and help users identify themselves better if they are struggling with their identities. As announced via a tweet, the feature is now available for users in a few countries (mostly the English-speaking ones) and is expected to reach more countries. To add pronouns to your bio, you simply need to head to your profile section, select the Edit Profile option, tap on the Pronouns option, and start entering yours. It is suggested that a list will also pop up for you to make an easy choice. A report by Mashable reveals that Instagram is 41 options for the same. It is also revealed that the app lets you hide your pronouns from people that aren’t following you. This reportedly is a default setting for users under 18 years. The idea is to ensure that people aren’t harassed on the photo-sharing platform. In related news, Instagram recently introduced the ability to auto-caption videos posted as a Story for people with hearing impairment to decipher what’s being talked about.




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