Inside The Armory Part II


Inside the Armory: Part II

The Call of Duty®: WWII Multiplayer Private Beta is just around the corner and we know you’re excited to get hands-on. In anticipation of August 25, we are bringing you Part II of our ‘Inside the Armory’ series that delves into the weapons you’ll be able to use during the Multiplayer Private Beta. If you missed part I, click here and check it out! This week, we take a closer look at the STG-44 assault rifle, the 1911 pistol, and the Panzerschreck. The German-made STG-44 is widely credited as the world’s first assault rifle. A staple within the German military – although not until late in World War II – this automatic carbine used 7.92x33mm cartridges from a lightweight 30-round mag. While not the most powerful of all rifles issued to soldiers at the time, the Sturmgewehr 44 proved extremely effective due to its accuracy and stopping power within the range of most combat engagements the average soldier encountered. There’s a good reason the 1911 semi-automatic pistol remained standard-issue among United States Armed Forces long past World War II: it was very effective. Loading .45 ACP cartridges from a 7-round detachable box magazine, the 1911 was an efficient and effective self-loading sidearm. Its ease of use and simple design made it essential in most of the US military engagements during the 20th century. The German answer to the American Bazooka, the Panzerschreck made for an extremely effective anti-tank field weapon. What it may have lacked in subtlety, this rocket launcher more than made up for with its armor-piercing capability. The shoulder-mounted weapon fired off rockets that could deal a devastating blow to nearly any armored vehicle in its path. While it was a destructive weapon, its limited range substantially increased the ease of use, putting its operator in considerable danger. Be sure to check out the Call of Duty Newsletter for more information leading up to the Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Private Beta. Keep an eye out for more in-depth looks at Call of Duty®: WWII.



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