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When it comes to ships, there are two major categories in Infinite Lagrange. There are Utility ships that can mine or build outposts and mining platforms, and there are Warships. Warships are used for pretty much anything else, depending on the ship. For the most part, each Warship has a few models with each one consisting of anything from one to three variants. In general, every Warship belongs to one of the following classes:
  • Carrier
  • Battlecruiser
  • Cruiser
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Corvette
  • Fighter
Essentially, there are two ways of acquiring a ship – one is by constructing it (if the Faction has the required compatible Dockyard and Blueprints) and the other is by purchasing it at certain Trading Posts. Each class has its very own different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Depending on its class, each ship has a designated role within a fleet. In this guide you will find the best ships from each category, as well as how you can acquire them.


There are not that many Carriers, but the general rule of thumb dictates that the CV3000 is slightly better than Solar Whale. CV3000 is a High-Speed Carrier, and that gives it a slight edge over the other.


Constantine the Great is hands-down one of the best Multi-role Battlecruisers. This ship has great firepower even without any additional options and upgrades. It can fit a Pulse Cannon as well as missiles to deal deadly enough damage to be categorised in a tier of its own. How to obtain: Obtain the BP from Crates (very rare) Spear of Uranus is another amazing ship – a Heavy Battlecruiser that combines high damage and high defense into a titan of a ship. Spear of Uranus is ideal for its anti-ship and anti-siege damage stats. How to obtain: Obtain the BP from Crates (very rare)


Ion – Assault Ion Cannon Cruiser is a ship that cannot go overlooked. It’s one of the very few which has an Ion Cannon; the best siege weapon available to explorers. In terms of damage it is much better compared to the base variation, which still is a very strong ship.


XenoStinger, Tactical Frigate is a ship that deals high amounts of damage from a fairly short distance. It’s a swift ship that packs a punch, but would fall under the “glass cannon” category, since it lacks defensive stats (the two turrets aren’t enough to call it “tanky”). How to obtain: Obtain the BP from crates (rare)


Winged Hussar is a Light Missile Destroyer, and it’s a ship that admittedly looks good and is a ship that can be universally viable and reliable. It is powerful in terms of damage, and since it can be obtained fairly early on, Winged Hussar is a name that shouldn’t be easily overlooked. How to obtain: Obtain from one of the three reward crates (common) Taurus, the Assault Destroyer is a ship that rocks a powerful Energy fitted weapon which is known to be pretty viable in many situations. In this particular case, Taurus being the massively tanky, yet high damage-dealing front-row ship that it is, can successfully wreak havoc. How to obtain: Obtain from the BP Crates (rare)


Cellular Defender – Heavy Torpedo Corvette, one of the few Corverttes that can hit that high yet still can deal with frigates and destroyers and has a little bit of AA as well. That is a good enough reason to rank Cellular Defender this high. Another S Tier ship is the Nebula Chaser – Pulsar Corvette. Compared to other models and variants , this particular ship has energy damage output. That ability makes this Nebula Chaser able to hit way above its ‘weight class’. Infinite Lagrange Guide: Essential tips for upgrading your base


Strix A100 is pretty much the best anti-ship of the fighters class. A very capable ship when it comes to dealing with corvettes and not only. Dealing energy damage also helps in that regard. Vitas-B010 – Bomber is a ship equipped with energy damage bombs dealing very high amounts of damage. That makes it able to deal with its primary targets, the big ships and it does it very well. The best overall Bomber. Want more? Check out our growing collection of Infinite Lagrange tips, guides and walkthroughs!



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