Indian Train Simulator MOD APK 2020.3.8 Download(All Unlimited/Unlocked)

Indian Train Simulator MOD APK: If you’re from India then you might have traveled in Train at least once, but have you ever thought or visited the main engine where the train is being operated. I am sure you haven’t or did you ever dream of being a train operator. If you don’t know who it feels like to operate a train then this post if for you only. One of the most popular genres these days is Simulation and if you are from India then you might be looking for Indian Train Simulation game, and one of the best games for this is Indian Train Simulator. This game makes you feel like you’re the real driver running the train from your copy. I really like the interface and graphics in this game. Everything seems very similar to what there is in the real station of India. Train tracks seem real and even accidents are realistic. Gameplay and controls are very easy, you’ll get to know the controls within some time of playing. Why Do you need MOD APK? Well, Indian Train Simulator is 100% free to download and play in Android device but some of the additional features and items require an in-game purchase, where you need to spend real money from your pocket. However, the amount isn’t much but I never recommend to spend money on simulation games and after all, you can get if for free. Today, I’ll provide a direct download link of Indian Train Simulator MOD APK + Normal APK. Well, why I am giving MOD APK is only because some people don’t like any kind of MODDED version and want to play the game in a genuine way. But make sure you don’t forget to read the installation details which is given below the post.

Indian Train Simulator v2020.3.8 MOD APK Unlimited Money/Coins

Indian Train simulator MOD icon

Name Indian Train Simulator MOD APK
Version v19.0.4.8
Size 65 Mb
MOD Feature All Unlocked/Unlimited
Updated on 22 December, 2019

Download Indian Train Simulator MOD APK


Indian Train Simulator MOD APK Overview

Indian Train Simulator is probably the best train simulator of Indian Trains. Game is designed and published by Highbrow Interactive which is known for its awesome simulation games. Everything is designed very nicely and accurately from seat of the pilot to train tracks.

Features of Indian Train Simulator MOD APK

India Train Simulator game
  • Look at Signals: Signal system followed in this game as in real life. When there’s a red or yellow signal then you’ll get to see which other trains are using your path.
  • Weather: While traveling from one location to another, time and whether is obvious to be changed.
  • Many different stations: Each and every station is designed as it is in real life. There are many stations which I’ll tell you below but the station consists of everything like people who are traveling, shops, advertisement boards, ane more.
  • Camera Angles: you can change the camera angle whichever you feel comfortable and cool, like cabin, overhead, reverse, orbit, bird’s eye view, or even Passenger.
  • Change Tracks: The main control on which you really need to have an eye on is changing track to reach your destination in Indian Train Simulator MOD APK.
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More Feature in the game

  • You will always get to know what is taking place in the game, information like bonus and penalty, other warnings, like speed, station and changing track or route or signal on Messageboard.
  • What I like the most is that passengers who’re sitting look like real Indian Passengers who’re traveling.
  • One thing which gained attention from users is that the sound of the train is really similar to it is in real train.
  • HD Graphics: Well, graphics is something you need to Identify yourself only. I can’t say that it is awesome but it is really good as compare to the low sized game.

Trains & Stations

Train Image Indian Train simulator MOD APK consists of almost all the popular Indian Railway station. The game has 32 different stations that are New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Tata Nagar, Cuttack, and the list goes to 32. Each station will have different people and other things in it. If you talk about trains then also this game is not going to disappoint in this terms, almost all Express are there, like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Garib Rath, Duronto, Double decker, Tajas Express, Gatiman, Duronto, Mahamana, and many other super fast trains, however, I don’t find bullet trains.

Different Game Modes

The game consists of different game modes, first one is Express mode where you main objective play around accuracy route, time and trains. The second one is Play Now mode in which speed matter only. Drive Mode goes around different cities and other things. One another zone is for developers that is Highbrow zone to talk with other developers in Indian Train Simulator MOD APK. Check out: Download Off the Road MOD APK v1.2.13 (Unlimited Money)

How to Install?

  1. First step would be, uninstall any previous version of the game if you have
  2. Then Download Indian Train Simulator MOD APK or Normal APK from the above link
  3. Install the game on your Mobile device
  4. Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from Settings>Security
  5. Open up the game and Enjoy

Final Words

If you’re a great fan of simulation games and you’re living in India and you haven’t played this game before, then Indian Train Simulator MOD APK is gonna be your best game for Mobile Device. What I like the most is the controls, gameplay, and sound of the trains, however, you’ll get many different things to like. If you have downloaded and installed the game successfully on your Mobile device then greate but if you don’t then comment below what problem you’re facing. I’ll try to solve your problem and make sure you don’t forget to share this wonderful game with your friends.
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