IKEA Vindriktning: is there a smart air sensor coming?


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Is IKEA now launching a smart air sensor?
Furniture chain IKEA may be working on the next smart home gadget: Rumor has it that an air quality sensor called Vindriktning will appear soon.
IKEA has long since become the go-to place for price-conscious smart home enthusiasts. From clever sockets and smart lighting to motion sensors and automatic roller blinds, the company has many gadgets in its portfolio that can be used to enrich the networked home. Another could be added shortly. How Caschy’s blog reported, the FCC recently received an application for a device called the Vindriktning Air Sensor. According to the description, this shows the current quality of the indoor air via a status LED. So far, there are hardly any details about the sensor. All that is known is that it is supplied with power via a USB-C connection.
Tradfri products at IKEA

IKEA Vindriktning: Smart or not?

It also remains unclear whether IKEA will offer the air quality meter as a stand-alone device or whether it will be connected to the company’s smart home system called Tradfri. The latter would make sense, after all, if the air quality drops, the sensor could send an alarm to the network, which in turn reacts with appropriate measures. Since February 2021, IKEA has been offering an in-house air purifier under the name Förnuftig. However, it is not Tradfri-compatible itself, so it would not be an option for such an interaction. However, IKEA may have other gadgets of this kind in the making. According to the report, the instructions for use for the air sensor are already available on the IKEA servers, but do not give any indication of a smart connection. It is not known when the “Vindriktning Air” sensor will appear. Since the FCC has already been tested, the start should not be too far away, at least in the USA.



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