IKEA Myrvarv: Smart LED light strip at a low price

IKEA Myrvarv © IKEA

The IKEA Myrvarv LED light bar can be used flexibly.

I.KEA is once again unpacking new technology for the smart home. Loud will appear in April 2021 Media report the IKEA Myrvarv LED light strip for versatile use. Of course, the product can be integrated into your own smart home via the “IKEA Home smart system” and controlled with the Trådfri remote control. For a complete equipment with the Myrvarv light strips, however, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

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IKEA Myrvarv can be used flexibly

The light bar has some nice features on board. The technology, which is around two meters long, can be cut to size and, if desired, even installed around corners. The brightness can also be dimmed, and there is also the option of a timer with the corresponding app. According to IKEA, the IKEA Myrvarv costs around 20 euros, not including the Trådfri driver. If you want to equip entire rooms with the light strips, you have to plan a few euros more. Sales will start in the online shop in April 2021. If the Swedish furniture stores open again despite the corona pandemic, the product will also be available in the branches.



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