HP LaserJet M209 / 234: Three new laser printers from 159 euros!

If you print or copy a lot, there is no way around a laser printer: because just putting a hundred delivery notes or dozen of invoices on paper is very expensive with inkjet printers. With the LaserJet M209dwe, LaserJet MFP234dwe and LaserJet MFP234sdwe models, HP plans to put three new laser multi-function devices on the market.

Multifunction printer

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HP LaserJet M209dwe

The most affordable device in the LaserJet M200 series is the LaserJet M209dwe. Like the other two models, it prints documents, invoices and delivery notes in black and white; it does not put color photos or graphics on paper. The entry-level LaserJet M209dwe can only print. Unlike a multifunction device, however, it cannot copy, scan or fax pages. After all, it should be characterized by a high printing speed and be able to print A4 pages on both sides. Great: The connection to PCs can be made either via USB or network cable, notebooks, tablets and smartphones contact the LaserJet M209dwe wirelessly via WLAN.
HP LaserJet M209dwe
He just wants to print: The HP LaserJet M209dwe does without a scanner and copier. However, it can be fed with print jobs in the home network via an app.

HP LaserJet MFP234dwe

The same connection types are also available to users with the LaserJet MFP234dwe. The differences to the entry-level model presented above: The MFP234dwe can also scan and copy documents, and documents can also be faxed via eFax. As with the entry-level model LaserJet M209dwe, the printing speed should be up to 29 pages per minute, with double-sided printing it is up to 18 pages.
HP LaserJet MFP234dwe
The HP LaserJet MFP234dwe is a multifunction device, it combines printer, scanner and copier in one housing.

HP LaserJet MFP234sdwe

The largest model in the LaserJet M200 series is the MFP234sdwe. It is identical to the aforementioned LaserJet MFP234dwe. Difference: It has an automatic document feeder on the top. This means that up to 40 pages can be quickly scanned or copied. With the LaserJet MFP234dwe presented above, users have to place them side by side on the glass of the flatbed scanner, close the lid and start the desired function. By the way: There is a small LC display on the dust cover of the paper cassette of the MFP234sdwe, which can hold up to 150 A4 pages.
HP LaserJet MFP234sdwe
The HP LaserJet MFP234sdwe is a multifunction device with an automatic document feeder for up to 40 pages.

Instant ink for toner

The new models in the LaserJet M200 series are also the first printers with which HP is expanding its Intant Ink subscription model to include laser printers. When the toner is empty, a new cartridge is automatically sent to your home. HP offers the following subscription models:
  • 50 pages: For 1.99 euros per month, customers can print up to 50 pages. If that is not enough, users have to shell out EUR 1.00 for another 10 pages. On the other hand, customers are allowed to take up to 100 pages with them in the following months if they have not fully used the 50-page subscription beforehand.
  • 100 pages: For € 3.99 per month you can print up to 100 pages, another 10 pages also cost € 1.00. Customers can accumulate up to 200 pages when not in use and take them with them for the following months.
  • 400 pages: The fee for up to 400 pages is 13.99 euros, further 15 pages cost 1.00 euros. You can accumulate up to 800 unused pages from the subscription.
  • 800 pages: HP estimates 800 pages at 19.99 euros per month, another 20 pages cost 1.00 euros, you can accumulate 1,600 pages and take them with you in the following months.
  • 1,500 pages: For 25.99 euros, customers can print up to 1,500 pages per month, another 50 pages cost 1.00 euros. Customers can accumulate up to 3,000 pages when not in use and take them with them for the following months.

New HP + program

Together with the LaserJet M200 series, the world’s largest printer manufacturer with a market share of over 40 percent is also launching the HP + program. Customers undertake to always use the original toner or ink from HP – HP + is also available for the DeskJet 2700e, DeskJet 4100e, Envy 6000e, Envy 6400e, OfficeJet Pro 8000e and OfficeJet Pro 9000e printer models. The “e” at the end of the model designation marks an HP + model, the packaging of these printers has a large “+” sign. In return, customers receive the following benefits:
  • Favorable sales price: The manufacturer sells the models mentioned cheaper.
  • Longer warranty: HP + models come with a twelve-month manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Instant Ink for free: Customers receive the Instant Ink subscription service free of charge for six months.
  • Smart Security: With Smart Security, the manufacturer promises, among other things, that it will automatically fix connection problems and detect and prevent malware attacks.
  • Extended app functions: The HP + program also includes extended functions in the app – for example a scan function with automatic image correction, straightening and saving of individual pages as well as the removal of markings and perforations.
  • More ecological: Regardless of which paper the user uses – with HP + the manufacturer promises to invest in the preservation and reforestation of forests for every printed page.

HP LaserJet M209 / 234 pricing and availability

HP estimates the entry-level model LaserJet M209dwe at 159 euros, the LaserJet MFP234dwe costing 209 euros and the LaserJet MFP234sdwe 229 euros. The trio should be in stores from May.



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