How to track your battle pass progress in VALORANT

Image via Riot Games
For VALORANT players worried about finishing the battle pass in time, one fan can help. VALORANT fan ireojimayo created a tool to track your battle pass progress, sharing the spreadsheet with the community today. The document explains exactly what tier you should be “at the end of any given day,” according to the savvy fan.
Screengrab via ireojimayo
Here’s how you can track your progress in the VALORANT battle pass. A VALORANT data miner discovered files that show the first season will potentially end on Aug. 3, posting their findings yesterday. The tool uses that date as a guide to determine what your progress should be on a daily basis. Battle pass purchasers can look at any date to figure out what tier they should be on. Players should at least hit tier 19 by the end of today, for example. To get a more precise breakdown, fans can make a copy of the document and input their exact tier and XP to go in the blue cells. This will show you how much XP you’ve gained, what percent of the total battle pass you’ve completed, your expected finish date, and more.
Screengrab via ireojimayo
Riot devs said the Act One Battle Pass will take players roughly 100 hours to complete. And experience curves toward the end of the season should help any players who have fallen behind.



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