How to solve the Jungle temple puzzles and evade traps

The Jungle Temple in Minecraft is usually protected by dangerous traps and lever puzzles. It’s so hard to disarmed traps by clipping the tripwire with shears or just by breaking the wires but you can’t take puzzles to be so easy. Players find this part to be really excited and cautious, in this article we came up with some basic concepts and tricks for solving puzzles in this event and for upcoming ones. The search room unveiled from the levers is often well worth the investment. Once you are inside the Jungle temple, you will notice that there are 3 floors – The main floor, the top floor, and the basement.
  1. Main floor: There are two sets of stairs that take you to the top floor and one set of it in the center that leads to the basement.
  2. Top floor: After taking stairs to the top floor, you will see windows but this place is pretty harmless.
  3. Basement: This one is the lower floor where the real fun begins and you will find a puzzle.
At a left turn to head down the stairs to the basement, you will find a puzzle.

Minecraft: Breakdown of the Lever Puzzles in Jungle Temple

There are three levers in this puzzle on the wall. If you flip the lever in the right order a small with a chest will appear.
Minecraft Jungle Temple Lever puzzles
Minecraft Jungle Temple Lever puzzles
Follow up steps to activate the leaver puzzle correctly:
  1. Before enacting these steps, all levers should be upwards
  2. Pull the leftmost leaver down
  3. Pull the rightmost leaver down
  4. Flip the rightmost leaver back up
  5. Flip the leftmost leaver back up
  6. For this particular puzzle the middle one is not so important
  7. The secrete entrance is now open.
Not only these steps but this lever puzzle can also be done in reverse horizontal order. This means you want you also activate the rightmost one first and then go for the leftmost one. If the flipping order is maintained then you are doing it correctly and the entrance is open for you. Did you find this article on solving puzzles in the Jungle Temple of Minecraft helpful? Let us know in the comments section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google NewsInstagram, and Twitter for quick updates.



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