How to respec in New World

In New World, players allocate points to both Attributes and Weapon Mastery. As they progress through the game, leveling up provides three attribute points per level, while leveling up your Weapon Mastery will require using a specific level. When it comes time to use these points, Attributes will increase specific strengths for your character and enhance the power of using certain weapons. There are five different options to choose from—Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. Weapon Mastery is tied to a specific weapon and gives players the option to learn new moves or upgrade existing attacks for each weapon. There may come a time during your play that you want to switch things up and try something new. The first key to doing this will be respecing.

How to respec in New World

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Respeccing in New World is quite easy, and the process is similar for both Attributes and Weapon Mastery. For Attributes, press K, and you’ll see your current attributes. Below them, there will be a Respec button. Click this to refund all of your allocated attribute points. Doing so will cost a small amount of gold, unless you’re below level 20. If this is the case, then respecing will be completely free. From the Character menu, you can select Weapon Mastery. Choose the weapon you’re looking to respec, and you’ll notice a respec option below the points bar at the bottom of your screen. If your Weapon Mastery is above level 10, you’ll need to pay in order to respec.



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