How to play on the MC Championship Minecraft server

Image via Noxcrew
With so many popular content creators and streamers involved in Noxcrew’s MC Championship event, there are always going to be eager fans who want to join the event’s corresponding Minecraft server.  As of now, the developers have no plans to release a public version of the MC Championship server, but that could change in the future.  The Noxcrew team have been making maps and assets for Minecraft since 2011, and have been an official part of the Minecraft Marketplace since 2017. And outside of testing or other events, the MC Championship server is going to remain in use only for the main event.  The goal of keeping the mini-games private is to preserve the special feeling of each event. If the games were released, it might ruin some of the watchability as many fans could prefer to just play them on their own rather than watching the content creators compete.  All code, builds, assets, and sounds for the server were made by the Noxcrew team in-house, so it is completely within the developer’s rights to keep the details and assets to themselves for their event.  As of now, the only way to participate in MC Championship event is through community tests that Noxcrew run to make sure things work well on the server. If you have any interest in helping with those tests, you can join the Noxcrew Discord and find more details there.  You can find more information about the MC Championship on Noxcrew’s official website.



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