How to level up your Little Legends using Star Shards

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Little Legends Image via Riot Games
Leveling up Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics just got a whole lot easier thanks to Star Shards. With the launch of TFT Set Four Fates on Sept. 16, players can opt to use Star Shards towards leveling up a Little Legends as opposed to relying on eggs. Players can obtain shards via the Fates Pass Plus or as bundles in the store. All regular Little Legends from any set can get leveled up through Star Shards.  Players can directly purchase Rare and Epic Little Legends from the Heroic Hatchlings set, according to Riot associate producer Karl Abad. Legendary ones can only get obtained via loot eggs.  “All Tier-one Rare and Epic Little Legends for the Heroic Hatchlings set will be available for direct purchase,” Abad told Dot Esports. “Only the Legendary Little Legend variants are loot egg only, like Honeybuzz Choncc. Once players get the one-star variant though, they can use Star Shards (which can be direct purchased or achieved through the battle pass) to upgrade Legendary Little Legends.” A total of 300 Star Shards are available within the Fates Pass Plus as rewards. Little Legends from TFT Set Four like Ao Shin cost 125 shards per level while Choncc only costs 100. On average, players will have to pay between 100 and 150 to level up a Little Legend. For players seeking to level up multiple Little Legends, there are three Star Shard bundles available in the store at the launch of Fates. 
  • 130 Star Shards, priced at 625 Riot Points
  • 520 Star Shards (plus 55), priced at 2,500 Riot Points
  • 1,040 Star Shards (plus 160), priced at 5,000 Riot Points
Leveling up Little Legend variants via Star Shards starts on Sept. 26 with the launch of TFT Set Four Fates. 



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