How To Intensify Your High

The feeling of cannabis softly hitting the right spots to create a blissful high is unparalleled. And that is why it is disappointing when your high turns out to be too soft or too quick to go away. Sometimes the type of strain or method you used could influence the intensity of high you experience from marijuana. It is quite common for regular cannabis users to experience a reduced effect from the same buds over time.


But worry not, for some fun tricks can work in your favor to naturally enhance the high. It can deepen the experience and leave you feeling amazing again. Here we give you a few tricks you can try to intensify your high.

Switch Up The Strain

If you have been using the same strain for a while, it is possible that the buds don’t give the proper effect anymore. In this case, you will need strains with higher potency or increased THC concentration to give a somewhat intense high. So go on and explore the various strains that provide competent THC content for an intense experience. Additionally, make sure the buds are of the highest quality and remain fresh even after storage to receive optimal benefits. If you are looking for a large variety at affordable prices, order cheap weed in Canada now from the WeedSmart online dispensary.

Introduce Concentrates And Edibles

If you are looking for a more prolonged and satisfying high, then marijuana edibles might be the right way to go. Compared to smoking or vaping, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream differently in the case of edibles. It requires time for metabolization after digestion and therefore gives a slow release of high peaking about an hour after consumption. This way, the entire experience is more fulfilling and profound. Another advantage with edibles is that this could be a boon for newbies since you can start with small doses and experience using cannabis gradually.


Another alternative you can seek an intense high is from concentrates. Concentrates contain high levels of cannabinoids like THC, even in small volumes, and tend to hit your body intensely. You will feel high faster and harder and end up going through a soaring high.

Indulge In Some Yummy Mangoes

Mangoes are practically a miracle food for marijuana users. The juicy exotic fruit not only is a treat to your taste buds but is also the secret to intensifying your high elegantly.

The presence of myrcene and terpenes responsible for the refreshing aroma of mangoes triggers the THC from cannabis to give a more potent high. This effect is visible when used before and after consuming cannabis, although enjoying mangoes or the juice at least 2 hours before using cannabis would be ideal. Some other foods that induce similar effects include thyme, sage, broccoli.

Treat Yourself With Some Dark Chocolates

A little bit of chocolate time before indulging in cannabis can also be a quick and easy way to experience a more profound high. Combining chocolate with cannabis is not a new concept at all. In edibles, such as brownies, chocolate helps enhance the bioavailability of cannabinoids that make the high more pleasurable.


Cacao in dark chocolate eases the time taken for anandamide to break down in the brain, which causes a long-lasting feeling of bliss and euphoria. Anything chocolate containing more than 72% cacao would be ideal for this fun experiment.

Try Tea Time

Green tea and black tea are rich sources of flavonoids and antioxidants. These compounds have a healing effect and a relaxation benefit to the users. When you use cannabis after drinking tea, the beverage helps ease the mind and body and takes the system to a state of relaxation. The cannabis can then prominently cause a strong high, as long as the cannabinoids now have a more direct route to introducing their effects.

Some Fats And Fatty Acids Can Do A Lot Of Good

One way to intensify the high effortlessly is to add foods rich in omega-fatty acids and fats. Foods such as eggs, avocado, walnuts, fish are rich sources of Omega – 3 that can increase the synthesis efficiency of the cannabinoids in the site. Enjoying a small amount of these foods at least 30 minutes before using cannabis can improve your high.



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