How to get into game development

Here are few strategies you can use to start your first game at a game studio, as well as examples of game development company at gamedev who have done it. 

Players and their requests

No matter how time-consuming, from the point of view of time, the stage of determining the target audience may seem, it rightfully deserves a scrupulous analysis by the operators. The right questions will lead to the correct audience segmentation, and therefore, to a point targeting of your client.

What is the average age of the players? Average monthly income? Amount of funds used for entertainment? Is there a cultural predisposition to gambling activity? If so, what forms of gambling? If not, which ones are in greatest demand and why? What is the preferred currency? What payment methods are more in demand? The list is not limited to these questions. After all, there are still so many prisms through which it is certainly worth looking at reality!

Study your audience: a portrait of online casino players in 2021

How old is the average player? Where in the world do they play the most? How many players are women? The more difficult a question is to answer, the more important it can be for creating a portrait …

Audience preferences will be the most important catalyst for your online project. Of course, there is also such an alignment in which you can hit the very target in a random way. However, how successful will this approach be in the long run? 

IMPORTANT: in order to achieve serious results, you need to fine-tune your business target: types of content, bet sizes, bonus offers, promotional strategies & – all these marketing tools will help you provide players with exactly what they love so much.

Business structure development

In part, the corporate structure will depend on the choice of jurisdiction, since in any case, you will have to register a private enterprise in the region where you are going to obtain a gambling license. Your structure can be a partnership, corporation or limited liability company: much will depend on the legal provisions of the chosen jurisdiction and other jurisdictions where the parent companies and subsidiaries are based.

Limited Liability Company is a fairly popular solution for online casino business. In this structure, the financial responsibility of shareholders corresponds to the size of their shares: if the company’s debt exceeds the amount of capital, the owners will not be left with anything because of the need to repay it.

Sometimes, in order to meet all the established requirements, operators have to develop a multi-tier business system that would satisfy all parties involved – the jurisdiction that grants the license; target market; countries where subsidiaries (eg payment processing companies) operate.

The Beginners Guide to Video Game Development in 2021 (Step by Step)

Create your own indie games.

I want to be in gamedev: where to start and how to understand if it is worth trying In gamedev there are a huge number of directions in which you can develop. We will talk about specific professions further, and now we will dwell on how to understand if there is a place for you in the gaming field. It is logical to analyze your skills and talents, to find out which knowledge prevails in which of the areas. Whether you are a journalist with scripting experience, a mobile game development with a background in app development, or an experienced digital artist, everything is simple and straightforward. But if none of the positions written in the work record echoes with game development. To correctly draw up a plan for conquering the sphere of dreams, you need to honestly answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Do I have an appropriate education?
  • What professions in gamedev are the most interesting for me?
  • What current qualities, skills and knowledge can be useful in this area?
  • Do I know programming languages, can I draw, animate, write scripts, or perhaps I am fluent in English?
  • Am I ready, given my current employment, salary level, marital status (the list is endless), to radically change the profile of my job and immerse myself in the learning process? Do I really want to develop games or just love to play them?



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