How to fix Van 135 Error Code in VALORANT

If you play a lot of live service games, you should be used to encountering error codes that keep you from playing your game of choice. VALORANT is no different and often has multiple issues with error codes plaguing its playerbase in waves, usually after big updates go live.  For VALORANT, there are several types of error codes, but the ones labeled VAN typically only relate to connection issues. Most of them don’t even have specific listings on the Riot Games support page and only share basic details about what the problem might be.  Recently, players have been running into the Van 135 Error Code, which is not listed at all on Riot’s support page.  Related: How to fix VALORANT Vanguard Not Initialized Error If you run into the Van 135 Error Code, the solution is the exact same as many other Van or normal errors that might pop when trying to play VALORANT. It simply means that you are likely experiencing some form of connection error.  Because this is a platform and server issue, the actual problem is probably on Riot’s end and not something that players can fix themselves. There are several things you can try to see if it was just a one-time error rather than some kind of outage. 
  • Restart the VALORANT game client
  • Check the VALORANT server status on the official Riot website
  • Check your internet connection/restart your internet
  • Restart your PC
If none of the above work to fix the issue, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, submitting a support ticket, or just need to wait until Riot fixes things on its end. This could take some time, but just keep an eye on the VALORANT support pages and server status checker.



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