How To Find White Raven In Apex Legends For Bloodhound’s New Story Quest

Despite Apex Legends being a first-person shooter battle royale, the game has deep lore for both its characters and world. Respawn Entertainment has experimented in the past with different ways of injecting that lore into the game, including comics and single-player quests. Now, Respawn has introduced a new form of story to the game through Apex Chronicles, the first of which stars Bloodhound. In order to progress through the chapters of Old Ways, New Dawn, you will need to complete certain objectives within a battle royale match.

Chapter 1 requires you to find a White Raven on World’s Edge and cannot be completed in a ranked lobby. You will need to make sure that World’s Edge is the current map in the unranked trios and duos queue. If not, it rotates every few hours, so check back in later. I recommend picking the duos playlist so if you run into an enemy squad while attempting the quest there are only two of them instead of three. You should also turn off the fill squadmates option to guarantee you get to pick Bloodhound and aren’t a bad teammate for solo dropping.

The White Raven you need to interact with is located near the Lava Siphon, however there multiple spawn locations around Lava Siphon, in the southern part of World’s Edge, one of the new points of interest in Season 10. A small gold circle with a raven icon in the center will indicate the search area.

The gold circle indicates the search area for the White Raven
The gold circle indicates the search area for the White Raven

The area where you need to search appears to be different for each Bloodhound in a lobby, so the odds of 20 Bloodhounds dropping in the same spot are pretty low. When you get close to the White Raven, a special gold tracking icon will appear, indicating the bird is close.

One of the White Raven's spawn locations in Lava Siphon
One of the White Raven’s spawn locations in Lava Siphon

After interacting with the White Raven, it will fly away, giving you the task of tracking down an injured prowler. The prowler’s tracks are marked by gold tracking icons which you will need to follow. After each handful of markers, a “progress saved” notification will appear on screen, indicating that even if you die, your progress in the quest has been checkpointed.

The gold
The gold “Injured Prowler” tracking icon

There appear to be multiple paths to track down the prowler, as I did not run into a single other Bloodhound during my quest. After following the markers for a couple hundred meters, you will once again find the White Raven. This time it will speak a line of dialogue before flying off. Once that happens the quest is complete and you will be awarded a couple of battle pass stars at the end of the match. Depending on when you complete this quest, the next chapter of Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicle may or may not be available. Completing all chapters will award three Bloodhound Apex Packs.

The White Raven at the end of the prowler tracks
The White Raven at the end of the prowler tracks
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