How to Find and Hire the Best 3d Artist

Whatever business you own, the need for the services of a 3D artist must have arisen at least once. The specialist helps to create a volumetric structure of the future product, whatever it is: a building object, a piece of furniture, a computer game, a mobile application, a landscape plot. This is a unique opportunity in the modern world that allows to see how the desired product will look from all sides in its final form even before the launch of this product into production. The profession “3D artist” is important today for many areas of activity.

Manufacturers decide to hire 3d artist to get a visual representation of their product, improve it, if necessary, enhance the quality and become competitive in their niche.

Volumetric visualization allows to identify problems and shortcomings of the product at an early stage and eliminate them in a timely manner.

Even if the business does not create any products, hiring a 3D imaging specialist is a chance to increase consumer confidence, who can “infiltrate” the company, get closer to it and get the main brand message.

If there is a need to find a reliable and experienced 3D artist, you need to familiarize yourself with the advice on the selection of a specialist in advance, because there are a lot of offers and even more promises on the labor market today. It is important to make sure that the potential employee is really a professional in that field. Let’s see how to do this and how to select a new employee for your company.

Actions before looking for a specialist

Typically, employers begin their search for a specialist by entering a key query in a search engine or job exchange. The result of this approach is the same – getting a lot of untested options. How can you check them? This will only work in practice when the work of a specialist is visible. Can you go the other way?

First you need to decide on the characteristics of the employee that you need. Thus, it will be possible to narrow down the search range. And most importantly, there is no need to rush.

In order not to regret your decision and to hire a professional on the first try, you need to take a person with work experience. The more experience a candidate has, so much the better. Experience is the level of knowledge and the amount of skills with knowledge that the artist possesses.

A list of skills necessary for you and your company, which a specialist should have, will also help you to select the right candidate for the position.

List of 3D artist skills to help employer

A professional worker will have both basic and additional skills. In order not to miscalculate the choice, it is important to make sure that the employee has the following skills:

  • architectural visualization – allows to view a building or architectural object before it is built;
  • 3D modeling – the ability to create three-dimensional models of various objects and work with them;
  • 3D concept – a specialist will be able to see how the object should look and build its structure, embodying all the wishes of the client.

Tthe qualifications of the employee are also important. The specialist must have artistic talents and computer skills, as well as networking and business skills, be able to work in a team and independently, have a creative vision and creative thinking,

Portfolio check

This is the best way to test a specialist’s level of awareness and see examples of his work. Usually, the portfolio contains the best moments from the candidate’s projects. But the document also contains other important data about the person that will help make the final decision.

When reviewing a portfolio, you need to start with the skills that are right for you. This will help to immediately exclude or confirm the identity. After that, you can move on to additional data and details that will allow to put everything into a single picture and make the final decision on hiring a 3D artist.



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