How to enable chat bubbles on OnePlus 8 series

If your device supports the latest Android 11 operating system, you are lucky as you experience some of its features even before its stable release. One of the fun features that Android 11 offers is “Chat bubbles” and it works like Facebook Messenger. It is great for you if you are someone who chats on different apps at the same time. With this feature enabled, you don’t need to go to the particular app and will able to quickly respond to messages. Also Read – OnePlus 8T 5G launch teased on Amazon India, ‘Notify me’ page goes live You can remove the chat bubble from your screen by just holding down on the chat bubble and you will witness an “X” icon at the bottom of your screen. You just need to drag that to the icon and let go to delete it. The new Android 11 feature currently works with Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and a few other messaging apps. Also Read – How to install OxygenOS 11 on OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro

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Apart from the below-mentioned steps, you can enable the feature by just long pressing on the messaging app and visiting the App Info section. You then need to tap on Notifications > Bubbles > All Conversations can bubble. You can check out the alternative steps below to know more about how you can enable the chat bubbles for messaging apps. However, if these don’t work for you, then there must some bug or an issue and you will have to wait for the next update. Also Read – Oppo ColorOS 11 (Android 11) first impressions: Finally maturing

Android 11: How to enable chat bubbles on OnePlus 8 series

Step 1: First you need to make sure that the chat bubbles option is enabled in the settings. Just go to Settings and type bubbles in the search bar. Tap on Bubbles and enable it. Step 2: Then go to Apps & notifications. Step 3: Tap on “See all apps.” You then need to visit the messaging app you want to enable the chat bubbles for. Once you open the app, go to Notifications > tap on Bubbles > All Conversations can bubble.

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