Here are the best methods for farming Korthite Crystals in WoW: Shadowlands

Korthite Crystals are a new crafting reagent available to Blacksmiths, Tailors, Leatherworkers, and Jewelcrafters in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination. Korthite Crystals can be obtained by completing activities and quests across WoW’s newest zone, Korthia. These crystals are a pivotal factor in the crafting and gold-making processes of the game’s newest patch.  Korthite Crystals, while incredibly important, are relatively hard to come by in Patch 9.1. There’s no hard cap on how many Korthie Crystals you can earn over the course of a week, but once you complete the majority of activities that are guaranteed to reward you with crystals, it’s hard to find many more sources.  Still, that doesn’t mean that Korthie Crystals aren’t farmable. You can get your hands on a respectable amount of crystals over the span of each weekly reset without having to buy any off of the Auction House. Here are the best methods for farming Korthite Crystals in WoW: Shadowlands Patch 9.1

What are Korthite Crystals?

Korthite Crystals are a new crafting reagent introduced to WoW: Shadowlands with the release of Patch 9.1. Their main (and only) function is to serve as an ingredient for crafting an item called the “Vestige of Origins,” which assists crafters in upgrading baseline legendary items to ranks five and six.  It will take you 40 Korthite Crystals to upgrade your base legendary item. Because there’s a soft cap on how many crystals you can acquire each week, it will take you a decent amount of time to gather enough crystals before you can upgrade a crafted legendary item. 

How to obtain Korthite Crystals

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The first and easiest way to obtain a Korthite Crystal is by completing your weekly quest in Korthia. This quest, titled “Shaping Fate,” requires you to complete activities in Korthia. Each activity you complete will fill up a percentage bar, and when the bar is full, you’ll receive several rewards, including one Korthite Crystal.  Similarly, weekly assault quests, as well as daily quests in Korthia, will also reward you with Korthite Crystals upon completion. The daily quests that appear in Korthia can reward you with either one or two crystals (depending on RNG), while the weekly assaults will always reward you with one Korthite Crystal each. If you only complete these activities each week, you’ll be rewarded with anywhere between four to six Korthite Crystals. But more Korthite Crystals can be obtained at will just by exploiting Korthia to its full extent. There are chests randomly scattered throughout the zone that each have a chance to contain a crystal. Additionally, once players have the ability to enter Rifts, more chests can be found inside of those as well.  In total, players should be able to farm anywhere between six to 10 Korthite Crystals per week, depending on how lucky you get with RNG and how keen you are at looking for chests in Korthia. 



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