Genshin Gacha exporter lets you export your wish history from the game

Genshin Gacha exporter is a tool that lets you export your entire Genshin Impact gacha history. Genshin Impact deletes your gacha history every six months. As we are approaching six months since the game’s launch, it might be just the time to export your entire gacha history. This article will tell you how it works in Genshin Impact, additionally, showing you how to download the Genshin Gacha exporter tool.

What is the Genshin gacha exporter tool and what it does?

The Genshin gacha exporter is a tool that lets users export their Genshin Impact gacha history, also known as ‘wishes history‘. It helps users keep a tab on gacha history. The exporter also categorizes characters, weapons, four-star items and five-star items from the user’s gacha history.
Genshin Impact Gacha exporter
The tool keep a tab on different wishes
This makes the user keep a tab on everything they have got from wishing and how often they have got rewards before or after hitting pity.

How does the Genshin Gacha exporter tool work and would you get banned for using it?

  • The Genshin Gacha exporter reads data from this file located on your PC: ${userPath}/AppData/LocalLow/miHoYo/${name}/output_log.txt
  • The Genshin Gacha exporter checks with miHoYo’s API to see which characters and weapons you have got.
  • The exporter creates an Excel (.xlsx) file and inputs all the accumulated data in it. The tool only reads the data to create a database. It doesn’t modify game files, so using the tool won’t get you banned from Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Gacha exporter
Genshin Gacha Exporter Files on GitHub
Meanwhile, you can download the Genshin Gacha exporter tool on the PC as well. Click on this GitHub Link and download the latest version of the tool available for use.

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