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These heroes are the most common, but will also be your bread and butter in the early days of the game.
Name Faction Class Skill
Hellsing Drifter Shooter Increases the next shot by 1905 (+103)
Minerva Beast Mage Projects shield on herself or ally that absorbs 2936 (+163) damage
Kon’Radd Undead Warrior When Kon’Radd health drops below 50%, he heals for 601(+28) with each attack
Nobel Elemental Soaring When dies, deals 2096(+107) damage to adjacent enemies
Marilyn Empire Mage Deals 2523(+134) damage and freezes the enemy for 1.5 seconds
Maximus Tribe Slayer Deals 1931(+76) damage to the enemy
Sharissa Reptile Slayer Heals for 335(+18) health per second
Diego Plant Warrior Gets spikes that deal 327(+15) damage to attacking enemies
Robin Undead Shooter Increases the attack damage by 1240(+49)
Hekate Elf Warlock Remains invisible until the last ally dies and deals additional 443(+25) damage each attack
Empyrion Empire Soaring Deals 728(+38) damage to the enemy and reduces their armor for 10
Todd Reptile Guardian Increases attack of adjacent by 368(+17)
Ratatoskr Beast Thief With each attck poisons the enemy and deals 90(+4) damage per second
Ragnar Dwarf Guardian If attacked, increases attack damage by 86


Moving up the board, these heroes will be able to carry you through even the late game when upgraded.
Name Faction Class Skill
Claus Dwarf Shooter Every 3rd attack additionally deals 982(+56) damage and freezes the enemy for 1 second
Do-Tso Beast Warrior Creates shield that absorbs 1039(+53) damage and increases his attack speed by 50% for 3 seconds
Bruno Plant Shaman Summons Mushroom Jr next to himself that poisons the attacking enemy in case of death
Yukki Drifter Thief Gets invisibility for 2 seconds and increase the attack damage by 744(+42)
Lilith Demon Shooter Deals 768(+50) damage to 4 enemies one by one
Coco Tribe Shaman Increases Attack of adjacent by 342(+24) and their attack speed by 10%
Lancelot Empire Guardian Heals the Hero for 2082(+94) health and increases attack speed by 10%
Sadako Undead Mage Summons Horo-Horo ghost that prevents the enemy, who killed him, from using skills
Titania Empire Warrior Inflicts 851(+37) damage to the enemy and prevents then from using skills
Rameses Undead Priest Heals an ally for 1284(+75) health and grants them invulnerability for 1.5 seconds
Edwin Drifter Warlock Increases attack of adjacent allies by 246(+13) and increases their heals for 1228(+65)
Jaxy Tribe Guardian Deals 752(+37) damage to the enemy and stuns then for 1.5 seconds
Vivien Elf Priest Heals an ally for 544(+33) health per second and gives then 50 energy
Norris Beast Slayer Increases the next attack damage by 6006(+33) and heals for 100% of the damage dealt
Rushmore Elemental Warlock Deals 1389 damage to the target and adjacent enemies


Things are getting series here – a full team of upgraded Rare heroes will be able to take down a majority of challenges.
Name Faction Class Skill
Vinci Dwarf Warrior Creates a Power Tower nearby that strikes enemies with a lightning
Angelia Empire Slayer Deals 2235(+136) damage to the enemy
Imar Elemental Slayer Creates a shield that absorbs 752(+39) damage and freezes adjacent enemies for 1 second
Altair Reptile Thief Becomes invisible and deals 1045(+61) damage to adjacent enemies
Ingrid Empire Shaman Gets invulnerability for 2 seconds and deals 357(+19) damage to adjacent enemies
Graoully Demon Guardian Provokes adjacent enemies and heals for 1683(+65) health
Bourbon Beast Shaman Poisons adjacent enemies for 244(+14) damage per second
Guiscarda Beast Soaring Increases damage from the next 3 attacks by 551(+30) and heals for 30% of the damage dealt
Ali Tribe Warrior Deals 480(+24) damage to adjacent enemies and gets evasion for 2 seconds
Hazred Undead Warlock Summons Deadite that attacks the enemy
Skadi Elf Shooter Deals 4293(+262) damage to the most dangerous enemy
Azrael Undead Slayer With each attack steals 176(+11) of the enemy’s health
Homer Plant Shooter Summons a Seeding next to him that shoots at the enemy
Blair Drifter Priest Heals 4 allies with the lowest health one by one for 4194 health each


Now we’re talking – these heroes will be able to take on absolutely anyone.
Name Faction Class Skill
Lolth Elf Thief Deals 670(+49) damage and burns 20 energy of the target and adjacent enemies
Smaug Undead Soaring “Active Skill: Deals 2742(+198) damage to the target and adjacent enemies Passive Skill: Burns 15% energy of the attacking enemies”
Artemis Empire Shooter Deals 1470(+102) damage to the target and adjacent enemies preventing them from using skills for 3 seconds
Clio Demon Mage Deals 1107(+85) damage to the enemy and stuns them for 3 seconds
Nero Drifter Mage Summons Nobel, that explodes when dies, dealing damage to adjacent enemies
Likho Plant Guardian Deals damage to adjacent enemies and heals adjacent allies for 482(+28)
Tortulus Reptile Priest Heals allies in a large area for 1172(+74) health
Taurus Beast Guardian Deals 603(+35) damage to the target and adjacent enemies and stuns them for 1 second
Cormac Dwarf Shaman Summons a Totem that deals 374(+28) damage per second to adjacent enemies
Mordred Demon Warrior Shackles the target and adjacent enemies and deals 190(+12) damage per second for 3 seconds


These heroes are based on literal Gods – now bow.
Name Faction Class Skill
Shenlong Reptile Soaring Turns into a powerful Dragon that deals damage to enemies in a small area
Zeus Dwarf Mage Deals 2285(+189) damage to all enemies and stuns them for 1 second
Thanatos Demon Slayer Summons his full copy on the battlefield
Hanso Drifter Warrior Increases attack of adjacent allies and his own by 167(+14) and gives them invisibility for 2 seconds
Mary Empire Priest Deals damage to the enemies in a large area and heals allies for 1106(+88)
Tengus Beast Warlock Unleashes 2 waves of meteors, each dealing 1008(+79) damage to enemies and stunning for 1 sec
Butcher Undead Guardian Steals 1117(+77) health of adjacent enemies



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