FreeCAD: design stamps and 3D printing

In the current issue of Make, we build a stamp with the free construction software FreeCAD and manufacture it on the 3D printer with the appropriate elastic material. The stamp itself can also be 3D – if you use it for embossing with the help of embossing powder. FreeCAD is free, open source software for creating three-dimensional models. In the Make issue 2/20 we already showed how you can use FreeCAD to design a finger ring with embossed and attached lettering and have it manufactured by the service provider using metal 3D printing. The FreeCAD drawing tools were only briefly discussed, so this time with their help a stamp is constructed based on an image template and also 3D printed. The stamp plate is made of flexible, rubber-like material, while the handle is made of solid plastic. You can find out what the stamp looks like in use in our photo series:
The printouts from the service provider i.materialize (left) and from our FDM printer (Ultimaker 2+, right) side by side. One can clearly see that the distances between the body parts are much smaller on the left punch than on the right. The service provider i.materialise uses for its Rubber-like-Don’t print FDM, but a laser sintering process. As a result, the surface is coarser and the workpiece is overall much less soft than the prints from the Ultimaker that we are using Ninjaflex have performed. (Image: Matthias Mett)
Smart home ideas for ESP8266 and ESP32 modules: If you cleverly integrate web services, a very simple program for the ESP8266 is sufficient for your own IoT device – or you can simply install one of the ready-made firmware distributions that we have Imagine in the new make. In the portrait we present the CNC lecturer Birgit Hellendahl, who organizes the CNC14 milling workshop.

There is more on the subject in issue 4/20 of Make.
You will find these and other articles in the new issue 4/20 of Make, which is available online and at the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions the notebook was already in the mailbox. Besides, you can make the make convenient order in the Heise Shop. If you prefer to read Make digitally, you can do so in our apps for iOS and Android or in the PDF version from the Heise Shop. You can also find the table of contents for the Make 4/20 online. (rehu)
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