Free Fire: 10 Best Gun skins you should try to get

[ad_1] Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that came out in late 2017 and has been one of the top-grossing game since. It’s known for its innovative BR format that includes unique character system among other elements that seem to fuse reality and fantasy. Apart from this, its 10-minutes long survival matches attract a lot of casual players who can’t afford to spend hours after hours to get the adrenaline running. Qualities such as regular updates, prioritising community feedbacks, compatibility to low-end devices are what make this game stand apart from the crowd. Like other battle royale games, Free Fire offers in-game items like gun skins, outfits, pets and other rewards. Today, we are going to talk about 10 best gun skins you should definitely try to get in Garena Free Fire.

The aspect & types of Gun skins in Free Fire

Coming back to the points which make this game quite special, we have awesome gun skins in this game to add to it. These gun skins have statistical advantages over the default skins. To put it simply, certain attributes are slightly boosted when you use special skins. It’s true that these skins make the game seem ‘Pay2Win’ but Garena makes sure to host enough events for the f2p players, as well. At times, even super rare skins are offered for free. So, you need to watch out for that! Gun skins in Free Fire can be divided into the following four types:

Incubator skins

The outstanding urban designs of these skins stand above all. They contain all the features as the ‘legendary’ skins mentioned below. Top Incubator skins offer rare OP boosts.

Legendary skins

Legendary skins contain specialized kill-feed, aesthetic appeal in the form of animations, offer the ‘show in lobby’ feature. Offer considerable stats boosts.

Theme skins

Theme skins are those which create an aesthetic appeal in the form of vibrant designs all over the gun but no animation, kill-feed or the ‘show in lobby” feature. Offer slight boosts to the stats.

No attribute skins

As the name suggests, there’s just an aesthetic appeal with these gun skins, no other perks of using this gun. Only choose these skins over the default skins. Well, now let’s get down to the 10 best gun skins in Free Fire which you should definitely try to get your hands on.

10 best Gun skins in Free Fire

Note: Ranking is order wise for each section/category of guns.

Assault Rifles

1. Lively Beast XM8

Best Gun skins Free Fire
Type AR, Full Auto
Class Theme Skin
Attributes Rate of Fire++ Magazine-
The Lively Beast skin suddenly became one of the most lethal ones post an update from the past in which the Devs upgraded the default stats of the XM8 and the AN94. The insane rate of fire and considerable damage make this skin one of the best, if not the best AR skin. The skin acts as a ‘cherry on top of the cake’ for those who’ve mastered the art of drag headshots. Drags become quite easy with this skin. Hence, pro-players still prefer this gun over other stronger firepower guns because of its ability to go for the heads fast enough.

2. Cupid SCAR

Best Gun skins Free Fire Cupid SCAR
Type AR, Full Auto
Class Legendary
Attributes Rate of Fire++ Damage+ Range-
Cupid SCAR is second only to the strongest SCAR skin in-game, the ‘Titanium SCAR‘ but it’s super rare and only makes a comeback in the Incubator. ‘Mystic Seeker‘ SCAR also gives a tough competition to Cupid SCAR but then again, it’s exclusively available in the Weapon Royale, only, for now. Hence, Cupid SCAR is the skin to go for. Cupid SCAR is very popular among the gaming community. Before the Devs upgraded the stats of XM8, this was the ideal gun skin for pro players and casual players, alike. It’s still a pretty cool gun skin and is far from losing relevance just because of the ‘Lively Beast’. Performance wise, with the nerfed range attribute you can’t expect to deal much damage to enemies far out. Though, drag headshots are quite easy with this gun skin, as well. Thanks to the ‘rate of fire++’ attribute. Being a legendary skin, it is aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes with its tranquilizing animations.

3. Dragon AK-47

Best Gun skins Free Fire Dragon AK47
Type AR, Full Auto
Class Legendary
Attributes Damage++ Rate of Fire+ Magazine-
Dragon AK-47, one of the most popular skins among the veterans of Free Fire. This gun offers insane damage and stability over the default skin. AK always becomes much more stable when you use it along with Laura’s skill ‘Sharpshooter‘. That skill increases accuracy when scoped-in. Though, it’s not that easy to do drag headshots with this skin or with this gun, in general. But still, if a head connects it’s an instant kill because of its high firepower. Hence, this gun is perfect if you don’t do drag headshots and like to play tactically. The increased rate of fire makes sure you knock down enemies fast enough, even from far out.


4. Apocalyptic Red M1014

Best Gun skins Free Fire m1014
Type Shotgun, Full Auto
Class Incubator
Attributes Rate of Fire++ Reload Speed+ Magazine-
This Incubator skin is from the latest m1014 skin collection to be added in the game under the ‘Apocalyptic‘ series, part of the ‘Rampage 2.0‘. The skin, with its rate of fire, serves to be a very dangerous weapon against all sorts of other short-range weapons. This gun skin offers no damage boosts and might cost you heavily if you end up missing a few shots. Though, it makes drag headshots relatively easier. Pro Free Fire players love to perform ‘one tap‘ with this skin. A slight boost to the reload speed attribute makes the player a little less vulnerable against SMGs and in one vs duo/squad situations. Overall, if you know how to use a shotgun, this gun has what it takes for you to reach the top of the pile. Being an Incubator gun skin, it looks truly legendary and the animation is equally stunning.

5. Tropical Parrot M1887

Best Gun skins Free Fire m1887
Type Shotgun, Double Barrel
Class Legendary
Attributes Damage+ Range- Accuracy+
The M1887 is deadly itself, and now with this skin, it’s gotten even more lethal. This shotgun was introduced a few months ago and it became an instant hit among the players. It’s so because of its insane range and firepower. This skin offers an accuracy boost which does help but is hardly noticeable. It’s quite easier to perform drag headshots with this skin and this gun, in general, than the m1014 and SPAS12. The short clip makes the player vulnerable at the time of reload. Though, the occasion of having to reload only comes if you fail to kill the enemy within two shots, which is a rare occurring. Gloo walls may mess up your performance with this gun. If you have the gloo walls then it’s quite favourable but if the enemy has a lot of gloo walls, you could be in severe danger. Free Fire has regularly nerfed this gun’s attributes to maintain the overall balance of the gameplay. If you’re new to the game and want to try shotguns, this skin is perfect in comparison to other shotguns.

6. Apocalyptic Green m1014

Best Gun skins Free Fire m1014 green
Type Shotgun, Full Auto
Class Incubator
Attributes Range++ Rate of Fire+ Reload Speed-
Another skin from the ‘Apocalyptic‘ Incubator series, it is really meant to nullify the m1014’s biggest setback: range. With the increased rate of fire, it just becomes even more deadly. This gun skin is meant to compete with the m1887 head to toe. It’s also less expensive than the ‘Apocalyptic Red‘. If you’re quite experienced with m1014s and have always found it difficult to fight against SMGs, this gun is for you. Being an Incubator skin, it’s bound to look more than just being ‘legendary‘. The green aura enveloping the gun looks really stunning!


7. Flashing Spade MP40

Type SMG, Full Auto
Class Incubator
Attributes Damage++ Rate of Fire+ Range-
This gun skin is a part of the ‘Poker MP40‘ Incubator collection. MP40 gun can be called the beginner’s gun in Free Fire. Many prefer this gun over shotguns because it’s easier to control and use. Talking about this skin, the damage and the rate of fire boosts make this skin one of the best MP40 skins. This skin with level 3 attachments can eat up entire squads alone with having to reload only once. Though, it’s not that easy to perform drag headshots with the MP40 as is the case with other SMGs like the Thompson and MP5. But still, it’s a pretty great skin and not impossible to perform drags with. Being an Incubator skin, it, for sure, looks even better than the ‘legendary’ skins in terms of design and visuals.

8. Mechanical MP40

Best Gun skins Free Fire mp40
Type SMG, Full Auto
Class Legendary
Attributes Damage++ Range+ Reload Speed-
This skin is very popular among the Free Fire community. It’s also one of the oldest legendary skins of the MP40. Much to F2P players’ joy, this skin was offered for free, through an in-game event long ago. This skin is one of the strongest skins available in the game and gives quite a competition to even the ‘Flashing Spade‘ MP40. With the reload speed nerf you’ll have to be very careful about spraying. You can rectify this to some extent by using Nikita’s skill. It offers faster reload to SMGs. The range and damage boosts make this skin useful even in ‘short to mid’-range fights. Once you master the skill of drag headshots, you’ll begin to enjoy playing with this skin to its fullest extent.

Sniper Rifles

9. Duke SwallowTail AWM

Type Sniper Rifle
Class Legendary
Attributes Rate of Fire++ Magazine+ Reload Speed-
People were kind of surprised to see an AWM legendary skin in the weapon royale but it’s what it was quite a few weeks ago. This skin wasn’t just created for the sake of a legendary sniper skin, it was made to nullify the drawbacks of the AWM. The rate of fire and the magazine boosts really matter a lot for a sniper. Looking at the stats, you would feel this one was crafted for players who keep two snipers and have mastered the art of ‘quick switch‘. Of course, it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as it’s a legendary skin. If you’re a sniper main, this gun is for you.

10. Ice blue/ Imperial Rome Kar98k

Type Sniper Rifle
Class Theme
Attributes Damage++ Accuracy-
After the introduction of the ‘Biometric Scope‘ advanced attachment in one of the previous patches, the gun has become relevant again. Both the ‘Imperial Rome’ and ‘Ice Blue‘ skin have the same attributes. The damage boost in Kar98k makes it quite lethal throughout the entire match, especially till the first circle. The accuracy nerf doesn’t really affect much in a sniper rifle, at least, in this game. The attachment enables auto-aim assist in the weapon whenever you open the scope. Thus, this skin amplifies the damage output even more when that attachment is equipped. A silencer to complement this setup can be a nightmare for rank pushers who fall prey to this sniper.
That’s it from us for today as we discuss the 10 best gun skins in Free Fire. Did we miss out on any skins? Let us know in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates. The post Free Fire: 10 Best Gun skins you should try to get appeared first on GamingonPhone. [ad_2]
Free Fire: 10 Best Gun skins you should try to get



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